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Mechanical Expressions is a symbolic mechanics program. Create a model, specify the geometry using symbolic constraints, add velocities, masses and force elements, and then extract mathematical expressions for output velocities, accelerations and forces. Copy expressions for input into a mathematics system like Mathematica, or copy them as Tex, MathML, or computer source code (in 9 languages). Or, create an HTML5/Javascript app, allowing you to communicate your design intent as an interactive, single-file web page that you can email to your colleagues or post on your web site. You'll quickly discover that Mechanical Expressions is truly a new breed of software.


The Next Generation of Mechanical Engineering Software

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  • GE Modeling
  • Kinematics Examples
  • Statics Examples
  • Inverse Dynamics Examples
  • Dynamics Examples

Mechanical Expressions can model a broad array of situations pertinent to physicists and engineers. In this section, we've compiled fifteen examples that showcase Mechanical Expressions' capabilities.We've grouped these examples into five subsections:Kinematics, Statics, Inverse Dynamics, Dynamics, andGeometric Modeling. Each category contains three distinct examples: a symbolic example (often incorporating the use of a computer algebra system alongside Mechanical Expressions), a simulation (created with Mechanical Expressions' export to HTML5/Javascript App feature), and a video that shows the Mechanical Expressions workflow.


Mechanical Expressions lets you do sophisticated geometrical modeling and communicate the results as web pages or as mathematics

GE Modeling
Kinematics Examples
Statics Examples
Inverse Dynamics Examples
Dynamics Examples

 can't say it enough, this is the BEST new engineering software to come out in a long time!

Jeff Sowden, Engineer, Turbine Blading and Parts, LLC.

Helped me analyze and understand dynamics problems long before my mathematical background had arrived there.

Albert Yang, Student, Caltech

Fantastic - I was able to get everything working as I wanted and very impressed.

Tyler Wortman, Graduate Student, MIT