Strength calculation of monolith-brick 30-storey residential building on the basic combination of loads

To estimate the time required for the solution of problems of large dimension of our center specialists was implemented model of a 30-storey residential building on the current standard design.

The appearance of the resulting computational model and the photo of this type of house are presented below.

monolithic ceiling
The computational model of high-rise homes

Thanks to modern possibilities of structural analysis module APM Structure3D to work with layers can automatically entering each floor of a building in its own layer. This, of course, facilitates the work of calculators, especially if there is a need to set different pressures on different floors.

After the application of the necessary complex loads calculated the strength and the selection of reinforcement for slabs. Calculations were carried out to assess the impact of support calculation algorithm module APM Structure3D multiprocessor and multi-core technology.

EXAMPLE output results reinforcement slabs
Maps of the stress distribution, displacements

According to the results of the comparative analysis revealed that the support multi-core (in this case two cores instead of one) the time of calculation of static was reduced by 36% and the time of selection of reinforcing elements is 54%.