Postprocessing (creating of NC programs)

In Postprocessor mode, the resulting NC program is generated, which includes all calculated and included operations of the machining process at that time. There are a wide selection of postprocessors available to suit most modern machines; and due to the powerful Invariant Postprocessor system, it is possible to quickly and easily create new Postprocessors or modify existing ones.

uning to any CNC-system
Tuning for the first execution to request some parameters value
Extensive library of ready made Postprocessors
Postprocessors generator

    To use a postprocessor from the list , download the post into the INP folder which can be found in the SprutCAM installation folder. The next time you postprocess a toolpath from inside SprutCAM , the newly downloaded postprocessor will show up in the list of available postprocessors to choose from.
    Please note that once you have downloaded a post, it can be easily configured and/or customized using the Invariant Postprocessor module that is available in all versions of the software.

    From the   list of postprocessors   available here you can pick the most suitable and adjust it to suit your specific requirements using the   Postprocessor Generator . If you need   help in creating a new