Building specialized youth school of Olympic reserve №71

Location of the complex: Ul. 800 anniversary of Moscow, 7B.

Building Steel trusses is a set of F-1, which are interconnected via a system runs. The carrier is pivotally mounted to the truss vertical concrete support columns. Step installation of the column of 6000 mm. Between roof trusses on a surface mounted light designs arched shape.

General view of the building
General view of the construction

simulation design

A general view of the calculation model of the building framework (not shown conditionally coating)
General view of the calculation model of the building

The calculation results

According to the calculation of the end of the following results were obtained:

Map equivalent stress distribution in the building's metal
Map of distribution of total displacement in steel
Map of deformation of the lower chord
The first form of buckling

Summarizing the results, we can conclude that the design of the building is capable of carrying the load applied to it, corresponding to the construction area, and does not require additional measures to increase the strength characteristics.