AKVIS Software for Creative Self-Expression

AKVIS specializes in development of image and video processing software for Windows and Mac. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development.

Since then the company has released a number of successful image processing programs available as standalone applications and Photoshop compatible plugins:

Some Words About AKVIS

The company is headquartered in Perm, Russia.

In our small group of developers everyone is a specialist in his field. We know what a user of graphics software needs and we have our own idea about the way graphics programs should look like.

The AKVIS Team is enthusiastic about graphics and image processing issues. The company sponsors web-design and digital photography contests.

The company offers free licenses to non-profit organizations (heritage foundations and historical societies) involved in conservation and restoration of photographic archives having cultural value.

Interesting Facts:

AKVISThe company name AKVIS is connected with the name of the magic horse from a Russian fairy tale Sivka-Burka (if reading back-to-front: sivka - akvis). This magical creature was able to make his owner's dreams come true.

So do our tools - they help you make your ideas come true!

As you know, a horse is on the AKVIS logo, it is the company mascot, and horseshoes (a symbol of good luck) are used on the AKVIS products' icons


It's natural for man to surround himself with beautiful and useful things.

What distinguishes man from animals is the faculty of aesthetic pleasure.

We aspire to create an ambience that would be pleasant and comfortable and that would bear the traits of the owner.

People enjoy experiments. The aspiration to try new things, to make a change is deeply rooted in human nature. The desire to find new ways and opportunities spurs creative thought.

You can leave your trace in the world and make it change.

Creativity is part of human nature. 
Everyone has the ability to create; it is not a preserve of exceptional personalities.

AKVIS Software - Tools to Inspire Imagination


With AKVIS software everyone can be an artist!

Programs should facilitate the intensive and thorny creative process. They are designed to achieve the best possible result. An inspired mind can work wonders with graphics software. We want to help you to feel like a creator! AKVIS Software are tools for creative self-expression.


How does the ideal program look?

It is equipped with all necessary tools and at the same time doesn't require a tremendous investment of time and money. It offers perfect image processing quality and at the same time it is easy to master and manipulate. It pleases the eye of professionals with a marvelous result; it surprises a newbie by its simplicity. You just delegate the routine work to the program, and it guarantees accuracy and high quality performance. You are the process coordinator, the software is the executor. No complicated features. It provides intuitive use without long hours of studying software.