When generating the part processing technology SprutCAM takes into consideration the kinematic scheme of the machine-tool. As a result it is possible to build up control programs for the machines of various configuration, and the calculated tool motions do not require the further modification to take into account some specific features of the machine.

In case a machine has one of the standard schemes, and there is no need to take account of the mutual motion of the machine units, then the tool path is calculated for the appropriate abstract scheme of the machine without a detailed description of units and their relative position.

During program designing the commands are generated not only for the main steering axles, but for the additional axles as well, for example, such as steady pallet, back poppet, rotation axis brake, etc.

The kinematic scheme may comprise different devices, which may have both manual and programmed control.


Tools of different types may unite into the tool libraries or local «tool boxes», which may be associated with the corresponding machines. It is possible to use manufacturer tool libraries or formed only from the applied tools, grouped according to some technologist preferred characteristics.

Depending on the equipment chosen the system activates only those types of machining, which can be performed on the specified equipment. Default operation parameters are also brought to conformity with the equipment selected.


SprutCAM comprises a powerful machining simulation module, allowing to simulate the processing on any machine-tool, preliminarily generated on the basis of its kinematic scheme and solid model. The possibility of machining simulation allows to optimize the processing technology according to criteria of labour intensity, tool life time, safety of the equipment and others. In the process of simulation the user checks visually the whole process of the part machining taking into account the motions of all the executive and subsidiary devices of the machine. Moreover, the system automatically marks the program blocks, where collisions or inadmissible cutting conditions are detected. SprutCAM delivery package comprises a set of machine-tools, including practically all types of metal-cutting equipment (more than 50 kinematic schemes).

Machining simulation module offers the following possibilities:

Multi axis machining modeling taking into account the movements of all the machine’s parts according to its kinematics scheme.
Realistic machining modeling simulation.
The high authenticity of the machined model permits to control the quality of the machining visually and detect any possible drawbacks.
Visualization of unfinished areas and the solid model penetration areas.
    The possibility to compare the machined part with the initial model.
    Visual control of the remaining material.
    Adjustment of the tool radius and length compensation in the process of simulation.


      When calculating the tool path the commands are generated directly for the steering axle of the machine, according to its kinematic scheme. It allows to avoid additional complex recalculation of coordinates in the postprocessing program during control program generation. The built-in postprocessor generator enables the technologist to make settings to any NC system independently. Availability of both language aids and pattern mechanism provide flexibility and efficiency. Due to user-friendly interface and interactive help the task of postprocessor generation becomes easy to solve. SprutCAM delivery set comprises a large library of complete postprocessors for the most diverse types of machining facility and NC systems.