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Industrial Safety
Expert review
Diagnostics of technical
Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

We look forward to offering you a solution of tasks of any complexity, including a range of services in the fields set forth by legislation on industrial safety and technical regulation. Our company specializes in questions that arise during design, construction, acquisition, operation, renovation and technical re-equipment of facilities of oil refining, petrochemical, oil, chemical, gas and allied industries, as well as all related structures and technical devices.

Core activities

When making engineering calculations and analysis we use own software as well as engineering software of leading developers.

Expert review

Expert review

NTP Truboprovod provides various services for the analysis and control of project, working and engineering design documentation. Within the framework of the activity, a compliance with industrial safety requirements is monitored (disregarded when implementing procedures for confirmation of conformity (CoC) with TR CU requirements, which is especially important for operating organizations), a qualified assessment of the necessity, sufficiency and correctness of CoC based on legislative requirements (preparing list of technical regulations, compiance to which should be confirmed, selecting certification schemes based on the field of application of technical devices, etc.).

Evaluation of conformity to the industrial safety requirements is carried out by qualified personnel with a long experience in the field of industrial safety; evaluation results are issued in the form of a report on the form used while carrying out the industrial safety expert review.

When carrying out work set forth by the Federal Law dated 21.07.1997 No. 116-F3 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Facilities”, specialized organizations and certified experts are involved, selection and quality control of which is carried out by specialists of our organization, based on the conditions of the tasks being solved, which ensures a consistently high quality of work.


Confirmation of conformity

NTP Truboprovod offers a range of high quality services for confirmation of conformity (certification and declaration) of various equipment, development of mandatory documents (manuals, passports, safety substantiations, etc.), required for the equipment operation at industrial enterprises, including hazardous industrial facilities.

Activities on confirmation of conformity are carried out by our own certification body and in close cooperation with other organizations, selection of which is performed by experts based on the conditions of the assigned task.

  • TR CU 010/2011 "On safety of machinery and equipment"
  • TR CU 032/2013 "On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure"
  • TR CU 016/2011 "On safety of gas fuel apparatuses"
  • TR CU 012/2011 "On safety of equipment operating in explosive environment"
  • TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low-voltage equipment"
  • TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices"
  • Federal Law No. 123-F3 dated 22.07.2008 "Fire Safety Technical Regulations"
  • Federal Law No. 123-F3 dated 26.06.2008 "Assurance of uniformity of measurements" (pattern approval for measuring devices, initial calibration)
Diagnostics of technical
Rectification columns and chemical reactor for catalytic cracking process
Tube heaters for raw material
Air cooler unit for water
Ammonia receiver
Liquid anti-ice reagent storage tanks

Diagnostics of technical condition of equipment and pipelines

Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics Laboratory of NTP Truboprovod has been certified for conformity with the requirements of the Unified system of conformity evaluation in the field of industrial and environmental safety, power engineering and construction (Certificate No. 52А013079 dated 12.05.2017).

Our experts can examine various types of technical devices and structures:

  • Vessels
  • Apparatuses
  • Tanks
  • Process piping
  • Steam and hot water piping
  • Main and field pipelines
  • Piping valves
  • Pumps
  • Compressors

Non-destructive testing is carried out by skilled specialists trained and certified in accordance with requirements of the Uniform System of Conformity Evaluation in the field of industrial and environmental safety, safety in power engineering and construction.

Analysis of NDT results and technical documentation, as well as preparation of conclusions, is carried out by experts trained and certified in accordance with requirements of the Uniform System of Conformity Evaluation in the field of industrial and environmental safety, safety in power engineering and construction.

All stages of the work are performed in compliance with the Quality System (QS) requirements effective in NTP Truboprovod.

Such an approach allows ensuring a high quality level of the work performed, taking into consideration all requirements of codes, rules and standards in the field of industrial and environmental safety.

Examples of the examined facilities:

Package of feed heat exchangers and air coolers
Autoclaves (pressure equipment) with mixers
Ammonia (NH3) compressor

Development of operational and technical documentation

We offer high quality services in the development of operational, design and technical documentation.

Documents are developed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, with consideration for additional requirements set forth by contract terms, technical assignments and standards for paperwork accepted at the Customer's enterprise.

Wide experience in document preparation, trained staff of professionals and using of automation equipment when filling out and issuing documents of the same type (passports, forms, etc.) makes it possible to perform any scope of work in a reasonable time period, maintaining the highest quality and competitive cost.

Main types of developed documents:

  • Substantiation of safety of technical devices (SoS)
  • Substantiation of safety of hazardous industrial facilities (SoS HIF)
  • Technical specifications (TS)
  • Operating manuals (OM)
  • Passports for vessels and apparatuses (PV)
  • Passports for piping and assembly units (PPAU))
  • Project Specific Technical Specification (PSTS)

At the Customer's request, any other types of documents can be developed.