Calculation of the strength of the hangar from LSTC

Light steel thin-walled structures (LSTC) - a relatively new technology used in the construction practice. Using it is easy to design, calculate and construct houses, prefabricated buildings, superstructures and attic, different height and area of ​​production and storage facilities.

What is "LSTC technology." LSTC (Thin Steel Lightweight Structures) is an alternative method of frame construction. It is based on cold-galvanized steel profiles of different cross sections and thicknesses, bonded together by means of screws or bolts. The profiles are produced in a factory in the modern automated equipment.

Hangar from LSTC
Hangar from LSTC
Hangar from LSTC
Hangar from LSTC
Hangar from LSTC
Hangar from LSTC

herness LSTC:

Easy to assemble: a team of three to four people can completely assemble the frame up to 200 m2 for 2-3 weeks, using compound elements self-tapping screws and a power drill;

savings during installation: installation of elements of the building without the aid of cranes and other lifting mechanisms;

multivariate facades: finishing capabilities to suit all tastes and financial capabilities;

broad architectural features: the possibility of planning and subsequent replanning (extensions, plug-ins) as needed or you wish;

savings on energy payment: use of effective insulation in the walls and ceilings;

the precise geometry of the design: walls and ceiling do not need to align, which significantly saves time and money.

  future construction success depends on the design of LSTC, correct calculations.

  5 reasons to book calculation and design LSTC in STC "APM" :

- a great design experience (we have high-level experts work);

- shorter design time;

- richness projects (projects contain all the information needed to start construction of the facility);

- the creation of projects of any size and complexity;

- we use the latest developments in the LSTC (your project will be developed with the latest technology LSTC);

  The correct calculation of LSTC - confidence in the durability.

  Design of buildings and structures of metal structures involves first scrupulous and meticulous work of the designer with the customer, taking into account all requirements of the customer and his ideas. Only by studying the expressed wishes of the customer can be carried out high-quality design of the object of any complexity and functionality.

  LSTC designing our designers takes place in several stages:

  The first task - to collect data on the burden on the supporting structures. For this determined effort, appearing in columns, roof trusses, girders cover, crane girders, etc.

  The next stage of the design - the selection of cross-sections. After determining the types of profiles, construction elements of the object begins.

  In step construct developed a simple and reliable connections nodes that subsequently are joined into an integral structure before installation.

  Design and calculation of LSTC in our company is made with regard to such important details, such as the devastating effects of the environment. Through rigorous calculations is minimized impact on wind object moisture crust oscillations. To hold the light structures quite weakly deepened the basement (in places with minimal seismic action). This means that you can save not only on design, but also on further construction.