Reference Standard Products


Reference Standard Products

The corporate directory Standard Products is intended for centralized storage and use of information about standard and standard products. A single information database is available from the workplace of the designer, technologist and other specialists. The directory can be used in conjuncton with an integrated external program or as an independent software application.

To use the directory, there is no need to preinstall the DBMS.

The Standard Products Directory contains: *

  • GOST fasteners - more than 166,500 models;
  • Standard products DIN, ISO - about 82,000;
  • Standard ASME products - about 373,500;
  • Fasteners OST 92 - about 8500 models;
  • Details and fittings of pipelines - more than 173,500 models;
  • Details of fastening of pipelines and cables - about 1500 models;
  • Details of pneumatic and hydraulic systems - over 6500 models;
  • Structural elements - about 29,500;
  • Bearings and machine parts - over 398,500 models;
  • Elements of machine tools - about 6500 models;
  • Parts and components of vessels and apparatuses - more than 140,500 models;
  • 3D electrical apparatus and fittings - about 42,500 models;
  • Profiles - about 1000;
  • Springs - more than 1500.

* Data excluding materials, coatings and strength groups for various manufacturing options.

When developing the Standard Products directory, the requirements of international standards were taken into account, in particular ISO 13584 “Parts Library” (general model classes, functional model classes, object-oriented approach), which establishes a mechanism for presenting catalog information on the products of manufacturers and suppliers. Implementation of the requirements of ISO 13584 provides the generation of various representations of a part or family of parts in other standards, including in a format that complies with ISO 10303.

ISO 13584 is also referred to by GOST R ISO 15926-1-2008, concerning the integration of product life cycle data, clause 7.2.1: “ISO 13584 establishes a mechanism for presenting catalog information on products of manufacturers and suppliers. This mechanism is acceptable for presenting catalog information and selecting parts (parts) based on a standard query interface. It provides an alternative presentation of information that can be represented using the data model established by ISO 15926-2. ”

Thus, the Standard Products Directory also satisfies the requirements of ISO 15926.

Application of the directory provides an effective solution to the following tasks:

  • centralized management of information on standard, standard and other products and structural elements throughout the enterprise;
  • codification of standard and standard products;
  • formation of a restrictive list (applicability of products) for the service or the whole enterprise;
  • quick search by specified parameters and selection of a necessary product by navigating through the hierarchy of standard products and specified classification conditions;
  • integration with LOTSMAN: PLM and CAD - the ability to use (insert) 2D and 3D models of the Directory in KOMPAS-3D, KOMPAS-Graph, KOMPAS-Specification, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD. Within the framework of the project, the enterprise integrates with SolidEdge, Pro | ENGINEER, CATIA, NX. Integration with ASCON software is supported by default, to interact with other products you need to purchase an additional license;
  • quick and convenient positioning of products when working in KOMPAS; preview of a 3D model or a flat image of the model before choosing; the use of fasteners ("bolt-washer-nut", etc.);
  • export of graphic presentation of products in the formats STEP, VRML, ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STL, DXF, BMP, JPG, A3D, M3D, FRW;
  • selection of application (presentation) parameters of the specified standard product - for example, the detail of drawing in the drawing;
  • forming a set of frequently used elements for quick access to them;
  • simplified product entry for quick replenishment of the directory; the ability to use both local and network versions of the directory.


System requirements:
Windows XP SP3 Professional, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8
Integrates with:
AutoCAD, Technorma / IntraDOC , Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, KOMPAS-Graph , LOTSMAN: PLM. Certified by FSTEC , KOMPAS-3D , LOTSMAN: PLM
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