Directory Materials and Assortments


The Directory of Materials and Sorts is intended for centralized storage and use of information about materials and grades. Its application as part of the ASCON Solution Complex provides information on the materials of the enterprise service.

Filling the Directory Materials and Sorts includes more than 12,500 items, including:

  • 1700 domestic grades of steel and alloys;
  • 2279 foreign brands of steels and alloys;
  • 145 grades of cast iron;
  • 1270 grades of non-ferrous metals and alloys;
  • 270 items of alloying alloys;
  • 480 brands of oils and lubricants;
  • 240 brands of varnishes and paints;
  • 700 grades of plastics;
  • 475 brands of adhesives;
  • 1500 items of welding materials;
  • 620 items of wires and cables;
  • 580 names of building materials;
  • 131 types of galvanic coatings;
  • 46 items of composite materials.

In addition to basic information about materials, the reference book contains over 46,000 copies of assortments, as well as information about manufacturers and suppliers, data on friction coefficients, conditions for bonding various materials, the percentage of trace elements in various steel grades, information about coatings, composite materials, etc. The directory is constantly updated and maintained up to date. Information is entered on the basis of current regulatory documentation (GOSTs, OSTs, TU, etc.).

Directory Features:

  • database management of materials, assortments and instances of assortments;
  • providing information on the chemical composition, physico-mechanical properties of materials, field of application, purpose of materials, substitute materials, etc .;
  • search by various criteria - for example, by name, code, chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, purpose (description), etc .;
  • formation of material designation in accordance with regulatory and technical documentation;
  • classification of materials by code in accordance with the current All-Russian classifier of products OK 005-93. The ability to customize the classifier in accordance with the codification system in force at the enterprise;
  • replenishment of reference data by specialists of the customer company, taking into account the specifics;
  • connection to materials databases already existing at the enterprise with synchronization by the code of the corresponding materials of the directory and materials of the enterprise database;
  • restriction on the use of the nomenclature of materials and assortments, taking into account their application at the enterprise;
  • use of both local and network options, including web client;
  • configuration of workstations during network installation in accordance with access rights to edit the regulatory information of the enterprise (user workstation, database administrator workstation);
  • integration with any external applications.


Required Software:
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP3 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3 or Oracle 11g
Unit Reference
Integrates with:
KOMPAS-Graph , Pilot: PLM. Certified by FSTEC , KOMPAS-3D , Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Technorma / IntraDOC , SolidWorks, LOTSMAN: PLM
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