FLEXIBLE 3D MODELLING SYSTEM      KOMPAS 3D                                            Allow To Create Editable Associative Models Easily      

Bottom-up modelling using finished components - Or any combination of these modelling methods

FUNCTIONS - Sub-assemblies-parts- standard library products. 

It supports all the capabilities of 3D solids and surface modelling that have become the standard among medium-level CAD/CAM programs, including these ones

Intuitive creation of new geometry and importing and manipulation of surfaces

Associative settings for element parameters

Boolean operators for generating a typically shaped elements; functions include union, intersection, and subtraction

Advanced surface and shape modelling for designing complex, ergonomic, and easy to use industrial products; functions include point grids, by network of curves, ruled surfaces, extrusions, lofted surfaces, swept surfaces, and revolutions

Construction of auxiliary lines and planes, and spatial curves, including broken lines, splines, and spirals

Addition of structural elements, such as chamfers, fillets, holes, stiffness elements, and thin-walled shells

Creation of any shape of arrays and assembly components

Component modelling with assemblies with relative positioning of parts in assemblies

Constraints for mating assembly components, including automatic constraints for faster assembly creation - Special tools to simplify work with large assemblies

Flexible parts and assembly editing, including characteristic points

Redetermination of the parameters of any element at any design stage causes a reconstruction of the whole model.

Effective mould design with pattern drafts, joint lines, cavities defined by part shape, and shrinkage allowance.

Capable sheet metal modelling through sheet body creation, bends, holes, louver, fillets, punching (stamping) and cutting, cap closing, sheet metal unwrapping, and associative drawings of unwrapped sheet metal.

Inserting standards products into the model from a library, generating user model libraries - Efficient collision detection of parts

KOMPAS-Graphic- Included in KOMPAS-3D

The KOMPAS-Graphic drawing editor is capable ofautomating 2D design and engineering plans for various industry verticals. It is used for machine design, civil engineering works, and for generating layoutdrawings and diagrams

KOMPAS-Graphic can automatically generate associative drawings from three-dimensional models, including cuts, sections,local cuts, detail views, views along arrows, and views with breaks. All of theseare associated with the 3D model, so that any changes to the model arer eflected in the 2D drawings.

Standard views are automatically constructed, with links to projections. The properties of 2D drawings such as designation,description, and weight, are synchronized with the 3D model.

KOMPAS-Graphic can be used in two ways

As a drawing and design module fully integrated into KOMPAS-3D

As an independent product fully capable of handlingall 2D designing and documentation requirements 

KOMPAS-Graphic’s functions are aimed at quickly creating high-quality drawings and diagrams, performing calculations,generating explanatory notes, specifications, and instructions, and outputting other documents

KOMPAS-Graphic   imports and exports drawings in DXF,DWG, and IGES formats

These translation tools allow you to exchange data with clients and customers using any drawing system   

KOMPAS-Graphic features

Well-designed and convenient interface makes the designer’s work fast and enjoyable

Multi-document mode for working with many drawings at once

Various methods and modes for constructing graphical primitives, including orthogonal drawing and grid snapping

Management of objects in drawings

Power tools for creating parametric models of typical parts and assemblies

Creation of typical fragment libraries, with no need for programming

Fully flexible styles for lines, shading, and text

Numerous methods for placing dimensions and notations

Automatic selection of tolerances and deviation values

Fast access to typical text and designations

Built-in text editor with spell checking

Built-in table editor

The translators include the following

Reads and writes 2D and 3D drawings in DXF, DWG,and IGES® formats - Reads 3D models from DWG, DXF, IGES®, SAT, XT, andSTEP files - Writes 3D models to IGES®, SAT, XT, STEP, VRML andSTL files - Writes BOM data to DBF and Excel files - Exports KOMPAS documents to bitmapped (raster)formats, such as TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TGA. - Reads and writes in ASCII (DOS), ANSI (Windows) textformats; reads RTF text files - Writes 3D models, drawings, and BOMs to eDrawingsfiles 


Collaboration Third-party  Software Solutions
2D user

3D user
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