Calculation of the Ice Palace of Sports in the APM Civil Engineering software package

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According to a study presented at the drawings of the project has created a model of the ice palace on an elastic foundation. Object:. Ice Palace for figure skating competitions and short track with a capacity of 12 thousand spectators (Sochi) The aim of the calculation is a comprehensive evaluation of the technical level and strength of the structure, a complex of static and dynamic calculations of structural scheme of the building on the basic and special (seismic) influences.

Photo from construction site
Built an ice palace
General view of the wireframe
General view of the core-plate model with loads APM Structure3D

Description of the computational model

Piles conditionally simulated shortened bar section Ø820 mm. The lower level corresponds to the sealing of rods piles grillage at around -2.25 m Nodes sealing piles arranged along the contour of and under the stair-lift blocks pile field -. Stiff. The remaining piles are pivotally connected with the grillage. elastic bearing piles by GSK Z axis. As the stiffness coefficients adopted values, when administered in the settlement and explanatory note, the draft pile foundation.

Reinforced concrete gratings modeled plates with decomposition step of 1.5 m of concrete B30. The thickness under the stands 600 and 1000 mm for multi-storey portion. Benches bearing the inclined beam stands as simulated reinforced concrete plates of appropriate thickness. Nodes bearing frame columns and inclined beams stands on a monolithic reinforced concrete grillage - hinge.

Span coating is a spatial structure in the form of radial arches puffs. Beams upper and lower belt type modeled rod TBE "beam." Communication - the element type "farm". The coating is based on a metal frame of the building through the system fully mobile and fixed pivotally-supports, which were modeled as rigid insert.

Fragments of the computational model

Rod model overlap
Overlapping at + 13.140 - model with applied loads
A fragment of the core-plate calculation model - rostrum
Grillage pile foundation from the first floor columns
exterior stairs - a fragment of a model with applied loads
Equivalent stress map to overlap
Equivalent stress map to overlap
Map equivalent stress for farm layer
The results of calculation of structural elements of columns 1 floor

Check elements of SNIP II-23-81 * «Steel Structures"

Testing performed to the most loaded separate elements. As the results are dialog boxes for calculating columns of the 1st floor. Analysis of stress and displacement maps showed that the design meets the requirements of strength and stiffness.