Strength and fatigue calculations cockpit seat aircraft pilots of general purpose transport category aircraft

The purpose of the calculations : the analysis of the stress-strain states designs chairs under static and dynamic loads.


List of normative documents.

1. SAEAS8049a «Technical general purpose performance requirements chairs civil helicopters, airplanes and transport category aircraft."

SAE - Society of US self-propelled Transport Engineers (SAE- SocietyofAutomotiveEngineers, Inc.).

AS - AviatsionnyystandartSShA (AS - Aerospace Standard).

2. FAATSOC127a «standardized specifications. Systems seats helicopters and transport planes, normal and multi-purpose category "

FAA - US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA- Federal Aviation Administration).

TSO - Technical Standard Order (TSO- Technical Standard Order).

Material security elements in the designs of seats.

1. Aluminum alloy D16T.

2. Steel alloy 30KhGSA.

- modulus of elasticity = 71 000 MPa;

- Poisson's ratio = 0.34;

- density = 2700 kg / m 3 ;

- yield strength = 325 MPa;

- tensile strength = 450 MPa.

- modulus = 210,000 MPa;

- Poisson's ratio = 0.3;

- density = 7850 kg / m 3 ;

- yield strength = 835 MPa;

- tensile strength = 1080 MPa.


Structural load circuit on the system "+ man chair."

- Pressures on the seat of the pilot efforts by the controls of the aircraft.

- Operating load.

- Loadings auxiliary chair design (armrests, the headrest).

- Static overload during the crash landing of the aircraft.

- Dynamic overload during the crash landing of the aircraft.

In addition analysis of stress-deformed state estimated further:

- strength fasteners seats to the aircraft structure;

- the strength of fastening means fixing the upper and lower portions of human body to the seat.



Overload acting on the person as a concentrated mass system: (F h = nm h g).

Overload acting on the seat, as a system with distributed mass: (F = n (m k1 + m k2 + ... + m to i ) g).

Summary: F = n (m h + m in ) g.

n- overload factor;

g - acceleration of gravity;

h - Pilot weight 80 kg .;

h - weight of the operator 77 kg .;

to - pilot seat weight 30 kg.

to - weight 25 kg operator seat.

pilot's seat K12-7530-0
pilot's seat K12-7550-0
Static overload.
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