Strength calculation liftopodemnika with a pedestrian bridge.

Design drawing provided by the customer.

Strength calculation liftopodemnika the pedestrian bridge at the main and special load combination was commissioned by OOO "ChernomorStroyProekt".

The calculation model created by means of APM Structure3D nucleus in accordance with the customer's drawings. In order to ensure that the conditions of strength, specialists of STC APM made some changes in the design.

Estimated design model - arbitrary form
Calculation model with applied loads

When calculating taken into account that the construction of these power factors are: 
• own weight (simulated job multiplier dead weight); 
• payloads on the overlap; 
• Load of lifting equipment; 
• snow loads; 
• ice load; 
• wind loads; 
• seismic loads.

Loads the task was carried out in accordance with SNIP 2.01.07-85 * Loads and effects and SNKK 20-303-2002 Loads and effects; wind and snow load ( TSN 20-302-2002 Krasnodar region ) as well as with technical requirements. The model with the current load is shown below.

Compounds of elevator shafts to the main tower
The compound of the transition to the main tower (swivel bearing)
Analysis results for strength and stability Map equivalent stress in liftopodemnike
Map of the total linear displacement
The results of the analysis on the calculation of own dynamics 1 I own form of model vibrations
2 I own form of model vibrations
Third own form of model vibrations

Checking elements SNP II-23-81 * performed to separate most loaded elements each form sections.

By card equivalent stress maximum stress is 168 MPa, which is less than the yield limit of the material (245 MPa). Thus, the strength condition is satisfied. Safety factor for the yield point is: n = 245/168 = 1,46.

Additional verification of SNIP II-23-81 * Steel structures for individual items showed that all the criteria for calculating utilization rates (reverse to the safety factor), as expected, less than one. Thus, we can conclude that the structure can bear the applied load.