designs and calculates machine elements, mechanisms, and structures, and performs general purpose strength analysis

APM FEM is an add-in that designs and calculates machine elements, mechanisms, and structures, and performs general purpose strength analysis using FEM (finite element method). APM FEM includes assembly preparation tools for performing calculations, setting boundary conditions, and specifying loads. An integrated generator of finite-element meshes creates bothfixed and variable-size meshes. It also includes post-processor. These functions allow it to work with solid parts and assemblies designed in KOMPAS-3D, and to analyse the behaviour of models when various loads areapplied, such as statics, fundamental frequencies, stability, and thermal loading.

APM FEM solves the linear problems - Intensely deformed states (static calculations) - Static strengths of assemblies - Stability - Thermoelasticity - Stationary thermal conduction

Results ofcalculations include the following:

Equivalent stresses and their components, and principal stresses - Linear, angular - total displacements - Strains in model components - Maps and orthographic epures of internal forces - Contact forces within an allowed band of contacts

Value of safetyfactors and the forms of loss of stability

Safety factors and numbers of cycles as determined by fatigue strength - Safety factors as determined by flow and strength - Temperature fields and thermotension

Centres of gravity - weights - sizes - lengths - areas of surface - model moments of inertia - static moments and the squares of cross-sections

Supporting forces in construction legs, and the cumulative responses adduced to the centres ofgravity of models


Single interfaceKOMPAS-3D - As geometry and computational model for KOMPAS-3Dinterface provides simplicity and ease of the user. All steps for creating3D-model, its preparation for the calculation and view the results implementedin a single window

Single geometric kernel. Thesystem of finite-element analysis works directly with the geometric model(kernel) KOMPAS-3D. No need to transfer files through third-party formats,which reduces the likelihood of errors.

Acceptableprice . APM FEM - a simple and inexpensive solution that allows youto purchase without the "heavy" CAE full-featured system to assessthe strength of structural elements;

Integration with CAEfull-featured system . When you need to analyze the strength ofcomplex parts and assemblies based on the nonlinear behavior of material orstructural elements, as well as to meet the challenges of dynamic analysisprepared by the design task can be automatically transferred to the structuralanalysis module APM Structure3D (included in the system of APM WinMachine, letNTC APM) . To calculate the tasks of arbitrary dimension, which is limitedonly by the actual amount of RAM in your computer, you can use the 64-bitversion of the module APM Structure3D;

Technicalsupport . Since software company located in Russia, there is alwaysthe opportunity to receive timely expert advice on all matters arising in thesolution of real-world computing tasks.