Designing spetsustroystv with tilter for conveying the steam generator units of Beloyarsk NPP

Development spetsustroystv with tilter for transporting steam generator modules N-272 in the repair of the building was carried SEC "APM" commissioned by the LLC "UfaAtomHimMash" for Beloyarsk NPP.

Design carried SEC "APM" on the basis of the appraisal of the passport issued by the FBU "SEC NRS" for use in the construction of elements of the equipment and nuclear power systems.

Purpose and scope-tilting platform

  Platform-tilting device is designed for conveying steam and raskantovki modules when exporting them to repair and to deliver new (or restored) in the steam generator compartment modules.

  Tilter relate to seismic category III according to the classification of NP-031-01 "Standards of earthquake-resistant design of nuclear power plants", and 4 safety class in accordance with NP-001-15 "General safety situation of nuclear power plants."

  Translation of the steam generator modules in a vertical position and vice versa should be performed using two cranes 320/50 kN (32/5 n) and 500/100 kN (50/10 n) building repair Beloyarskaya NPP modules.

  crane work with the modules of the steam generator must be carried out using a specially designed traverse traverse. The yoke can be mounted on the steam generator modules in advance of installation to the platform tilting device, and when on the platform in a horizontal position using a regular crane equipment.

  The platform must provide, together with the tractor steam transport modules on the inner roads station ensuring the required radii trains reversal. Furthermore, the platform together with the tractor steam generator must provide transport modules on roads outside from the plant building to repair modules.


trailer type         994273
Manufacturer         "Company" Spetspritsep "
- on the road through the tires 
- on the tractor SSA


- curb 
- cargo 
- complete



Overall dimensions of the trailer: 
the length of 
the width 
is the height of the platform
The maximum speed of the trailer with load 
- on the straights 
- indoors 
- in curves
km / h

type of drive         electric
electric motor         ADCHR160M6UHL1-IM1081-1-TV 1S33-3-002
reducer         TS2U-315N-50-31-TsvhTsvyh (SP) -U1
The total gear ratio         127.5
Supply voltageAT380
The linear velocity of the tilting mechanismm / min0 ... 11

Description of the construction-tilting platform

Platform-tilting device consists of the following main elements: 
  1. Three-axle semitrailer special purpose hydraulic controlled axes, the controlled axis can be controlled with a single remote control operator who can be located behind or to the side of the trailer. This ensures accurate positioning of the trailer when reversing in confined spaces or when visibility for the driver is largely limited.

Fig.1 - spetsustroystv with tilter for conveying steam generator modules 272 to H-repairing building (Sheet 1)
Fig.2 - spetsustroystv with tilter for conveying steam generator modules 272 to H-repairing building (Sheet 2)
Fig.3 - spetsustroystv with tilter for conveying steam generator modules 272 to H-repairing building (Sheet 3)
Figure 4 - Semi 994,273 production "Company" Spetspritsep "

     2. The drive is designed to convert electrical energy into movement of the trolley. The electric motor via a reduction gear and a chain drive sprocket rotates the drum, which transmits the movement trolley by means of two counter-rotating wire ropes.

Fig. 5 - Platform-tilter with working equipment disposed thereon (Sheet 1)
Fig. 6 - Platform-tilter with working equipment disposed thereon (Sheet 2)
Fig. 7 - Platform-tilter with working equipment disposed thereon (Sheet 3)
Fig. 8 - Tilter

 3. Tilter for placing and fixing the modules NG-272 during transport, tilting and moving the modules along the track platform during tilting. It includes a cart, cart, four-wheel, mounted on castors, mounting brackets for baskets, rock wheels, catcher and two ports for the installation of traction ropes on the drive tilting.

  The trolley is of a weldment plates and beams, each of which is welded a box channels.

  Cart represents whole-welded frame, two cavities which two movable shutter providing fixation load when installed in an internal cavity of the basket placed. Moving the gate by means of two cam mechanisms.

Fig. 9 - Trolley
Fig. 10 - Shopping

   4. Prop intended for stacking modules during their transport and tilting device for tilting perform together with the trolley. When turnover device support can be moved to its extreme position at the end of the trailer, the truck takes place to provide the vertical position during tilting modules. The support consists of a frame, a pair of lower and upper pairs of wheels, and two pairs of baffles. The frame is a welded construction of channels, additional reinforced with steel plates.

  5. The fixed bracket is designed for additional fixation of the modules on the platform during transportation. The support is a structure formed by pivotally mounted arms and sectors.

Fig. 11 - Support
Fig. 12 - support fixed (transport position)
Fig. 13 - support fixed (the loading position)
Fig. 14 - Clamp

  To provide PG-272 H reliable fixing of the modules in the cart uses a specialized clamp. Consisting of a ring and unified clamping slings providing the required level of tension through the control platform talrepov.Sistema-tilter includes a control cabinet, the outer post administration, external alarm, control and travel sensors. Power supply - three-phase 380V AC, 50Hz. connection capacity of 15kW.

  All controls are platform-tilter located on the front panel of the control cabinet. External control station duplicates the function of the emergency stop-tilting trucks and issuing a command to move in automatic and manual modes.

Fig. 15 - Electric drawing management system (Sheet 1)
Fig. 16 - Electric drawing management system (Sheet 2)


  During the project execution design department has developed and delivered to the customer the next set of documents: 
    - Terms of Reference (based on the initial technical requirements); 
    - technical project; 
    - calculation of the strength of the main load-bearing structures; 
    - a set of design documentation; 
    - a set of normative and technical documentation, including: 
    - the program and testing procedures; 
    - passport; 
    - manual; 
    - repair manual. 
  At the moment, the product is developed at the manufacturing stage and preparations for the acceptance test. 
  After testing, this article will be updated and supplemented by photographs of the finished product.

Fig. 17 - Control System Electric circuit diagram