The calculation of the chimney in the software package APM Civil Engineering

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TMA was carried out STC strength calculation metal foundation and the chimney with the fluctuating component of the wind load.

In the process of creating the model the following normative documents were used:

  1. SP 20.13330.2011 Loads and effects
  2. SP 16.13330.2011 Steel structures
  3. SP 24.13330.2011 Pile foundations

Imputation was divided into three phases:

- calculation metal chimney;

- calculation of the connections of sections of the tower;

- calculation of the foundation for the tower.

calculation of metal

The calculation was carried out using APM Structure3D program in accordance with the calculated diagrams and drawings provided zakazchikom.Bashnya rod simulated by finite elements.

Fig. 1 General view of the tower with chimneys
Fig. 2 Arbitrary tower structure in the form APM Structure3D

 Target loading was carried out by creating loadings stages, each of which is responsible for a particular power factor.

     Average component of wind load was determined in accordance with the SP 20.13330.2011 "Loads and effects." After that the program for the uploading determined pulsation component of wind load, which account for 16 of eigenmodes structure oscillations were determined. 

Fig. 3 7th form structure oscillations
Fig. 4 16th form structure oscillations

  Analysis results of the strength calculation of the tower shows that at a predetermined design loads, equivalent stresses arising in the first rack tower sections exceed the yield strength of the material. It was recommended to provide the necessary strength to replace the first strut tower section of the pipe on the pipe 159h4 159h6 GOST 10704-91

Fig. 5 Map equivalent stress in the first tower section and in the loading section

Calculation of bolting structural elements

      Calculation bolting structural elements executed in accordance with SP 16.13330.2011.

     Compounds of high-strength bolts to be calculated under the assumption that the transmission operating in the joints and the attachment force through friction generated by the osculating planes of the elements to be connected by high-tensile bolts. The distribution of the longitudinal forces between the bolts should be uniform.

Fig. 6 Compound tower sections chimneys
Fig. 7 Calculation of bolting in APM Joint

Verification calculation bolting shown in APM Joint M12 bolts must be replaced on the bolts M16 GOST 7798-70.

Calculation of the foundation under the tower

Fig. Scheme 8 foundation
Fig. 9 Fragment of the calculation model based on the foundation

    The calculation of the tower structure in view of the fluctuating component of the wind load as well as the calculation of the most loaded structural elements according 16.13330.2011 SP.

     Analysis results of the strength calculation of the tower shows that at a given computational load safety factor of 1.13 fluidity.

     The maximum deflection of the tower structure are 15.1 cm at wind load operation with regard to its pulse component.

     The calculation of the foundation has shown that the bearing capacity of piles indentation and pull-out provided.