The computational model of the tanker. JSC "Neftekamsk Automobile"

estimated core-plate model of a tanker on drawings provided by the customer was created. Boundary conditions - the installation site pnevmoopor chassis and stoppers front struts and loading circuit (liquid density of water in each of the tank compartments) was also given customer.

Appearance tanker 40 cu. m Neftekamsky Automobile

The main difficulties in carrying out this calculation was connected with the creation of computational model tanker. Tanks tank designed in the form of a 3D surface model editor APM Studio, which after the transmission strength calculation unit, the wall thickness was set. tank frame created in the form of plates in the editor APM Structure3D, and individual rods are in the form of rod elements.

Surface model cistern tanks, made in the editor APM Studio
Model cistern tanks after generating a finite element mesh
Finite element model of a tanker assembled with coloring on different layers
Map equivalent stresses in the elements of the empty tank under its own weight

After performing the static analysis of the model tank trucks under its own weight, and with tanks filled with water, has been allocated a few weak spots - places of fastening pnevmoopor rear landing gear wheels of the semitrailer and the stops of the front struts. The largest value of stresses in the fixing elements reaches 171.7 MPa and has a local (point) character. Voltage in most of the other rod and plate elements tanker designs are at a level of 20 - 60 MPa, which is insufficient for steel structures and indicates that the design can be improved and facilitated.

Layering on the lateral surface of the tank to simulate filling it with liquid
Map equivalent (Mises) stress in the elements of the tank filled with water
Concentrators to map equivalent stresses in the tank elements that are visible at a different voltage range
Map total displacement elements tanker design

The calculation model is provided to the customer in the form of a model made in APM Structure3D module with the results of the calculation, as well as a progress report.