Analytix 21 and Analytix Cams 21 give you the tools to analyze critical aspects of your design before physical prototyping or production.

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Designing Cams? Try Analytix Cams 21 
Choose Follower-to-Cam or Cam-to-Follower

For Follower-to-Cam mode, choose from a menu of Cam types, add their associated input parameters, then enter follower displacement values into the data table, or use the menu of function types between points.  View the cam's profile and examine graphs of the cam's Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Jerk, Pressure Angle and Radius of Curvature as you go. For Cam-to-Follower, input the cam's coordinates or open a .CAM file created earlier and manipulate parameters of the follower, such as offset, radius, and arm length to immediately see the resulting follower kinematics.  You can see details of these features in the Examples subdirectory of the Ax Cams 21 installation.

From follower requirements we have pieced together a Plate cam with reciprocating roller follower.

The nice thing about Analytix 21 with Ax Cams 21 is you can add your cam to an Analytix 21 model to see and modify the entire mechanism. Add springs, dampers and masses; analyze resultant forces, torques and tolerance stack-up; trace follower paths by animating the mechanism. 

Detailed manuals in .PDF format and examples come with the installations.  Also, we're here to help, so send us a note if you would like to know how the Analytix series could help save time and effort with your projects:
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