The first specialized domestic program for the calculation of the strengthand stiffness junction fitting with the vessel (unit) using the finite elementmethod (FEM).


Determining membrane, bending and stress in the field of general tapping fittings (including slanted) in the cylindrical mantle and conical, convex and flat at the bottom by the action ofexternal loads and pressure

The maximum permissible general membrane and stresses

Conclusion about the health tie knot

The maximum permissible loads on the nozzle

Definition of stiffness(compliance) tie knot

Payment strengthen holes fromthe action of pressure

Calculation of strength tie operating in corrosive containing hydrogen sulfide

Calculation of strength and stiffness WRC107 (297)

In determining the strength and stiffness of the FEM node tie widespread. Created program, unlike the universal finite elementsoftware ( ANSYS, NASTRAN, COSMOS , etc.)does not require special training of the user and time-consuming. Creating a finite element breakdown and evaluation of the results of stress-strain state (SSS) Zone tieautomatically

VAT calculation is performed as radial and oblique framesfor a cylindrical mantle and conical and elliptical, spherical and flatbottoms. Calculation using the finite element method can significantlyextend the scope and accuracy of the solution.

Calculations are performed in accordance with theassociation Rostehekspertiza CA 03-003-07 (16 head).

Allowable stress level is determined according to the Normsfor strength analysis of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power plants- PNAEG-7-002-86 Gosatomenergonadzora USSR 1989

The accuracy ofcalculations on the strength of vessels, equipment and pipelines at the junction is largely determined by taking into account the stiffness(compliance) frame.

As a rule, based on the strength of pipeline systems and pipeline connection of the vessel (the unit) is replaced dead supported,resulting in excessive stresses and strains in the node connection.

Also on FEM calculation, the program has the ability to calculate the stiffness and stresss tate of tie knots depending fittings using dimensionless parameters relative displacements and stresses on the geometric characteristics of the elements inaccordance with the tie- WRC107-79, WRC297-87 (Bulletin of the AmericanCouncil for Research in the field of welding number 107, № 297 Local stresses in spherical and cylindrical bodies caused by external loads and BS5500-76 (British Standard).

Given the opportunity to assess the strength and stability as an element in which cuts fitting and calculation strengthen holes under the influence of pressure only to GOST 14249-89 regulations and GOST 24755-89  respectively. 

Program is recommended for use in the design and conduct of testing calculations in the refining , petrochemical, gas, oil and other industries.

Using the programallows to increase the safety of the equipment while reducing labour costs at the design stage.

Thanks to aningenious organization dialog input and built-in documentation with themethodical description of the development of the program does not requirespecial training and does not take much time. User does not need detailedknowledge of programming and device programs. The program runs on WindowsXP / 7.