Strength calculation of steel skip

strength calculations, calculations of fatigue, as well as calculations of welded and bolted connections metallokonstuktsii skip to lift iron ore on the basis of the agreement with LLC "Company" Rosresursy K "specialists of STC APM implemented. Calculations were performed using APM Structure3D complex and APMJoint, members of the APM WinMachine system, version 10.0. Initial data for construction of computational models of the bridge is transferred to the customer assembly drawings and the 3D model of the product.

In the process of creating the model the following normative documents were used:

1. SNIP 2.01.07-85 *: Loads and effects.

2. SNIP II-23-81 *: Steel structures.

3D model of the body of the skip assembly
Skip model APM Structure3D system - the core-plate model

Strength calculation of steel skip "Vityaz-4.25"


Specialists of STC APM was built finite element model Skip "Knight-4.25". As a finite element model to create as separate parts and the entire pattern as a whole, used core and the plate (the shell) finite elements.

skip Model APM Structure3D system - wireframe model (plates not shown)
The upper part of the skip in APM Structure3D system
Fragment wireframe model body (enlarged)
The lower part of the body model and the shutter in the APM Structure3D system

Application of loads carried out in phases, by establishing loadings, each responsible for a particular power factor.

The calculation was made taking into account the dead weight, weight counterbalancing ropes and payload. To calculate all possible variants the effect of external factors on the design of combination set 2 loading.

During the calculation to determine the maximum equivalent strain and corresponding displacement for load combinations.

The model with the established pillars in the upper beam
Calculated layering task loads on wall
The calculation results are: stress map in the core-plate model; SVM, MPa
The calculation results are: stress map in the core-plate model; SVM, MPa
Map equivalent stresses of the lower beam
Map of distribution of total displacement along the Z axis skip excluding factor. dynamic; The UZ , mm

the following conclusions were drawn from the results of the calculations:


1. Analysis of the results of static analysis shows that for given loads calculated equivalent stresses arising in the skip structure elements do not exceed the yield strength of the materials used, i.e. necessary strength is provided.

2. The maximum deflection design skip arising from external loads do not exceed the allowable limit. That is a necessary rigidity is provided by the supporting frame.


Summarizing the results, we can conclude that the skip structure capable of carrying the load applied to it, the relevant technical requirements, and does not require additional measures to increase the strength characteristics.

This work has shown the applicability of structural analysis module APM Structure3D to solve complex problems of structural analysis of lifting equipment.