Building swimming pools for yards

The construction site of the building: Ul. Vilnius h.6, K.1.

The building has a pool size in terms 28h30.5 m.

Main bearing structures -.. Trehsharnirnye arch span arches 19 m Step 3 m arches rest on the supporting structures of the building walls and overlap the main volume of the pool. Auxiliary premises overlapped glued wooden crossbars curvilinear outline (two radii of curvature - to perform the architectural form of the roof). Crossbars rest on the arch in the ridge units, on the supporting structures of the building walls and the entrance to the steel rack.

General view of the building
General view of the building

simulation design

The layout of the overlap of the building of a swimming pool (random view)
The arrangement of the frame overlapping pool (arbitrary type coating conventionally not shown)

The calculation results

According to the calculation of the end of the following results were obtained:

Fragment carrying overlapping frame members
equivalent stress distribution map in the floor structure of the building; SVM, MPa
Map of distribution of total displacement of the building floors; USUM, mm
Map strains bearing floor structure

Summarizing the results, we can conclude that the design of the building is capable of carrying the load applied to it, corresponding to the construction area, and does not require additional measures to increase the strength characteristics.