Precast reinforced concrete office building
of "Vodokanal - Mytishchi"

Input data and calculation model

Fig. 1 Architectural 3Dmodel office building
Fig. 2 Section building
Fig. 3 The computational model of the building in the light of the elastic foundation APMStructure3Ds
Fig. 4 Geotechnical elements
Fig. 5 wells Setting
Fig. 6 The calculation model of the building in the APM Structure3D - Card thickness plates
Fig. 7 Loadings
Fig. 8 Map of snow pressure given the "snow bags".
Fig. 9 Map of wind pressure - uploading Wind X

The calculation results

Fig. 10 Results reinforcement columns basement
Fig. 11 The results of the calculation of reinforcement bolts in the span
Fig. 12 horizontal forces in the walls of the basement
Fig. 13 Reinforcing walls of the ground floor
Fig. Reinforcement plates 14 overlapping on the bottom axis Y
Fig. 15 The calculation of the foundation plate of the punching