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Custom Development

Very often our packaged products may only be part of the solution that a customer needs. We are ready to offer customization, extension and development of specific functionality to implement a solution. We offer custom development services to support businesses in the fields of:

  • CAD/CAM/CAE data processing and interoperability
  • 3D modeling and visualization
  • Performance profiling and optimization


Project flow

1. Identifying customer needs

Every business has its own challenges and uses different digital environment. At this point we discuss customer needs and use cases to align mutual understanding.

2. Drafting technical proposal

We draft technical proposal clarifying key requirements and outlining main implementations details. Various technical options along with relevant recommendations can be offered.

3. Estimating costs and schedule

Based on refined technical proposal we come with the cost and schedule estimation. The customer has full visibility into the cost structure and major factors that might impact. We regularly offer a proof-of-concept as a first step to ensure feasibility and to further clarify requirements.

4. Implementation and deliveries

Depending on the project scale implementation may take from weeks to months, include one or multiple deliveries, include acceptance tests and so on. To ensure the project is on track we keep regular contact with the customer.

5. Maintenance

Upon project completion the customer may decide to take advantage of the maintenance to extend functionality, to fix bugs or to enhance implementation based on his own customers feedback. Maintenance is optional, we can own it entirely or share with the customer’s team.


  • Access to domain experts and skilled developers
  • Full transparency into the costs
  • Maximized return on investments