Strength calculation of a three-storey residential building odnopodezdnogo Novomoskovsk, Tula region (ECOPAN technology)

In June 2010, our specialists commissioned by the LLC "Krangormash" was carried out screening strength calculation of a three-storey residential building odnopodezdnogo in Novomoskovsk, Tula Region on basic load combinations according to the drawings provided by the customer.


The main part of the building (walls and floors) is a frame made of sandwich panels with lining bars made of pine. The outer walls are lined with brick. Staircases are made of masonry with 3 floors, basement and underground engineering - reinforced concrete piles and FBS reinforced belt and masonry.

The calculation was performed using the software «CAD / CAE system of automated calculation and design of structures for industrial and civil construction APM Civil Engineering 2010".


simulation design

Building structure was simulated using core and shell finite elements with the elastic base according to geotechnical research.

design image in APM Structure3D system (numerical model)
General view of the building's roof
Typical building intercommunication overlap
Attic floor of the building
A general view of a typical floor of the building
Modeling of wooden frame buildings rod finite elements in accordance with the layout of the wall panels and ceiling panels
Finite element modeling of the cladding wall panels and slabs of OSB3
General view of the building foundation

Load, impact and combinations thereof

load values ​​were set in accordance with the Terms of Reference. Loading of structures is carried out by several load types: constant (own weight of the structure, coating weight, the load of the weight of a flight of stairs); useful (Distributed regulatory burden on slabs and staircases, attic floor); snow and wind according to the construction area.

When all specified in the specifications for individual loads loadings were created linear combinations of loads to which each of the loadings entered with respective coefficients.

Image payload acting on the overlap
Image snow load acting on the roofing
Image of wind load acting on the walls of the building
Image of loads on the calculation model for one of the combinations of loads

Calculation of the roof steel

Distribution map Mises equivalent stress
Distribution maps of Mises equivalent stresses in the upper sections of the belt retaining farms
Map of the total displacements

From the analysis results of stress state building frame and roof that the highest values ​​of the equivalent stresses do not exceed the critical values.

Maximum values ​​of total movements in the metal roof rafters meet the rigidity condition.

Condition for the stability of the roof steel is also satisfied.


The calculation of the construction of the wooden frame

Map of the total displacement design wooden frame on rigid supports
Map total displacement wooden frame construction on elastic supports
Results of calculation of one of the structural elements 1 of floor frame

The maximum total displacement structure on elastic supports do not exceed 18 mm.

The coefficients for the use of rod elements of wall panels for the above criteria of strength and stability not exceed 1, and therefore the bearing capacity of the conditions for their run.


The revised calculation of overlap

Map Mises equivalent stresses of the elements for the intermediate floor
Map of the total movement of the element intermediate floor
Map Mises equivalent stress for attic floor elements
Map of the total displacement elements attic floor

For models overlap maximum equivalent Mises stress does not exceed 9.5 MPa that satisfies strength.

The maximum total displacement for intermediate floors do not exceed 18 mm, and for attic -.. 28 mm, which satisfies the rigidity condition.


Calculation of masonry staircase

The results of calculation of one of the structural elements of the masonry

Conditions strength brick walls executed as for all structural elements of using the coefficients of the relevant criteria of the first group of limiting states of less than 1.


Calculation of reinforced concrete raft foundation

The results of calculation of one of the structural elements of a reinforced concrete raft foundation
Grillage elements do not pass the calculation according to the criteria of fracture toughness


As a result of this work computational model odnopodezdnogo three-story apartment building was built. In accordance with the Terms of Reference and regulations all the necessary types of loads were applied to the design. The calculation results showed that the reliability of the proposed design for a customer of the first and second groups of limiting states is provided, with the structural changes grillage foundation, which were proposed by specialists STC "TMA".