Calculation of structures, machine parts and mechanisms

Russian CAE system designed to perform design and verification calculations of machine parts and mechanisms.

The product is capable of creating documentation in accordance with ESKD using databases of standard products and materials.

APM WinMachine Mechanical is built according to a modular design, which ensures ease of use for specific industry-specific mechanical engineering tasks.

There are built-in relationships between calculation modules to ensure automation of solving complex problems, for example, the design of a reduction mechanism. In this case, modules for designing mechanical gears and calculating shafts and bearings work in symbiosis. Information is transferred between them automatically. The designer performs a supervisory function and, if necessary, can make adjustments at any stage of the calculation process.

All modules are divided into three thematic groups:

  • Graphics (2D pre-post processor);
  • Machine parts and connections (calculations of typical machine parts, mechanisms, as well as their connections, both detachable and non-detachable);
  • Databases (arrays of reference information in text and graphic forms on material parameters, standard elements of mechanical engineering structures).

    Design and verification calculation of connections: 
  • welded of various types;
  • group threaded connections for all possible types of loads;
  • rivet;
  • connections of rotating parts with interference;
  • splined;
  • keyed.

    Design and  verification calculation
    of mechanical rotation gears:
  • cylindrical gear external and internal gears;
  • bevel gears with straight and circular teeth;
  • worm gear of various modifications;
  • belts of various types;
  • solid.

    Check calculation of shafts and axles: 
    • static calculations;
    • fatigue calculation;
    • calculation of dynamic characteristics.

    Rotary drive design:
  • transmissions with fixed axes (cylindrical, bevel, worm, belt and chain);
  • planetary gears of various types.

    Calculation of elastic elements of machines: 
  • design;
  • verification.

    Check calculation of translational gears: 
    • helical sliding gears;
    • ball screws;
    • planetary screw (roller screw) gears.

    Cam mechanisms: 
    • with progressive pushers;
    • with rocker pushers.

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