START - FEATURE Heating Networks Steam And HotWater Process Piping Oil Refining, Petrochemical And Chemical Industries


  • Steam and Hot Water - GOST RD 10-249-98;
  • Heating Networks - RD 10-400-01(Document Date)
  • SRT 10.001-2009 (DevelopmentOf RD 10-400-01)
  • Pipelines Refining, Chemical,Petrochemical, Gas - Related Industries - RTM 38.001-94 (Deprecated) - CA 03-003-07
  • Gas - Oil Pipelines - (According ToSNIP 2.05.06-85).
  • Resource According RTM 38.001-94,CA 03-003-07 10.001-2009 and Stations;

START pipelines BASE

  • Aerial, Underground Channeland PortionsClamped In Ground
  • Flat Space, Branched With Closed Contours
  • Different Design s End and IntermediateSupports
  • External Influences - Thermal Expansion, Con centrated and DistributedLoads
  • External Influences - Displacement Of Supports,Pre-Stretching, Thrust Of Internal Pressure, Etc.
  • Low - High Temperatures - Creep and Stress Norms
  • Internal Over Pressure- Ambient Pressure (Vacuum) -Local Buckling Of Walls


  • Materials - PhysicalProperties of Pipes - Pipeline Components;
  • Spring - Elastic Supports - Various Carrying Capacity108.764.01-80 OST, OST 24.125.109-01, MRI 049-63, MN 3958-62, LISEGA;
  • Soils - Contains A Variety ofPhysical and Mechanical Properties Of Soils;
  • Joints - Contains the CharacteristicAxial, Angular and Shift Lens Compensators Or Bellows;
  • Isolation - Contains Values ​​ Of Weights AccordingTo The Isolation Insulating Design, Temperature And Diameter Of The Pipe 


  • START Grunt - calculation Of PipelineSections-Clamped In Underground - Evaluate The Strength Of The PolyurethaneInsulation
  • START Hoses - Calculate Strength -Support Loads - Flexible Plastic Pipe Type Izoprofleks Izopro fleks A.
  •   Steel Corrugated Pipe Type Kasafleks
  • START Reject-Thickness - Design And Operation-Calculation Of The Reject Thickness Of Pipes And Fittings TechnologicalPipelines - CA 03-005-07   - Process Piping-Oil Refining-Petrochemical-Chemical Industries.
  • START Designated Resource - Calculation of the AssignedResource Designed Technological Pipelines With A Cyclic Strength And Corrosion -RTM 38.001-94 - CA 03-003-07 10.001-2009 - STATIONS
  • START Fitting - Calculation Of Compliance(Stiffness) Of The Node Pipeline Tie-In Vessels (Devices). It Is PossibleTo Automatically Generate and Insert Custom Fixtures In START -More Features -  FEM Fitting
  • START Plant 4D - Import Raw Data From TheThree-Dimensional Modelling Of Industrial Plants Plant-4D. The St andard Delivery Includes - Templates Allow Users Convert Data Created onthe Basis Of PS Plant4D - Database on pipes, pipelineparts - fittings
  • START PCF - import models piping format PCF Plant Space Design Series(also possible from Plant4D,OMNI-Pipe, Auto Plant 3D Piping, I-Sketch, CADWorx ). For the generation ofPCF files Plant Space used ISOGEN interface supplied with thesystem Plant Space
  • START PDMS - Import Raw Data fromReports Generated By the Program In PDMS START
  • START-Kompass - Export Settlement Scheme
  • START-Open Format - Import of input data from open format- export the input data andcalculation results in an open format for docking START with any computer-aideddesign of pipelines - Text file defined structure.

START-Express - Designer tool pipelines

  • Determine the ability ofcompensating turns T, Z-shaped and U-shaped joints when laying pipelines aboveground and underground
  • Determine the ability ofcompensating turns T, Z - shaped and U-shaped compensators trenc hless pipe laying in theground
  • Determine the thickness of thewall or limiting pressure for pipes, bends, tees, caps, transitions to thechosen regulatory document
  • Determine the maximum allowabledistance between intermediate supports pipeline from the conditions of strengthand rigidity
  • Check general and localstability of straight and curved sections of pipe under the influence ofthermal expansion, external pressure (vacuum) and soil pressure (f or underground laying ofpipes)
  • Determine the minimum depth ofthe sites for underground la ying of conditions of stability
  • Determine the maximum depth ofthe sites for underground laying of conditions strength p olyurethane foam insulation
  • Maximum allowable distancebetween the starting temperature compensators and their closures for pipe clamped in theground
  • Determine the permissible loadon the saddle for largediameter pipes
  • Check the tightness of flangedc onnections
  • Determine the hardness of expansionjoints in the absenc e of data fromthe manufacturer
Heat networks START, START-Grunt
Steam lines START
Main oil and gas pipelines Prof. START, START-Grunt
Process piping START, START-Fitting, Reject-Thickness START, START-designated resource

PROGRAMS ON APPLICATION Recommended configuration


  • Visual and intuitive userinterface
  • Comfortable and well-designedob ject-orientedway to input data
  • Comprehensive logical test the quality of raw data for the calculation
  • Detailed help s ystem and program documentation
  • Automatic verification of all parts of the pipeline internalpressure
  • Verification and selection of standard components inpipelines (various types of joints, frames, tees, flan ges)
  • Ability to calculate pipelines for various applicationsand location (including vacuum piping) on ​​ various regulatory documents
  • Payment compliance fittings of vessels and apparatusesfor more accurate calculation of loads on the fittings and stresses in the pipeline
  • Integration with various systems of three-dimensional d esign of industrialfacilities- programs  FITTINGS-FEM  and  HYDROSYSTEM Export Settlement Schemes In Different GraphicEnvironments ( AUTOCAD,MICROSTATION, KOMPAS-GRAPHICS )
  • START   Basic
  • STAR Prof   - Large-Solving Tasks As Well As For the Calculation of Long Pipelines, Jammed In the Ground
  • STAR Light   - Intended For Educational Purposes - Rigid Architecture - Module Start-Grunt
  • STAR Express   - An Inexpensive Product for Preliminary Simplified Calculations at the Design Stage of The Pipeline

Functional details

  • Taking into account frictionin the sliding, guides, elastic, etc. supports;
  • Accounting pipeline interaction with thesoil in the areas underground laying
  • Taken into account nonlinearcompliance soil layer polyurethane insulation and cushioning pads;
  • Evaluation of the strengthpolyurethane foam insulation
  • Automatic selection of springsfor elastic supports and ha ngers, tightening their payment
  • Automatic registration"gauge effect" in taps having initial roundness and expansion effortsof the internal pressure on the piping
  • Accounting pendulum effectrejecting rigid rods and elastic susp ension from a vertical position
  • Accounting unilateralconstraints (for example, the rise of the pipeline over the supports)
  • Accounting for joint operationof the pipeline with the e quipment (module START-fitting)
  • Accounting Work elastic ally bent portions largeradius
  • Checking the stability of thewalls of the vacuum pipe, excluding the possibility of strengthening thestiffening rings of variousconfigurations
  • The calculation output voltagetable according to the selected standard document, bearing load, displacement,stress, strain joints, the stability coefficients of the walls of the vacuumpipe
  • Graphic illustration of strainstate in various calcula tion conditionsof the pipeline
  • Graphic illustration of colourmeets regulatorycriteria strength piping diagram.