The computational model hopper car. State Research Institute Railcar

   One of the activities of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Research Institute of railcar (State Research Institute) is to perform strength calculations cars designs.

The completed project hopper car for cement
The completed project hopper car for mineral fertilizers

Increasing the strength, reliability and durability of the carriages must be carried out at the least possible expenditure of metal and other materials, since transportation of container wagons excess increases the cost of transport of goods by rail. Therefore improved methods of assessing the strength and reliability of the carriages has a great significance.

 In 2004, our institution interested in a software product developed by APM WinMachine Science and Technology Center of automated machinery design (NTC TMA). In the same year, taking advantage of the possibility of a detailed acquaintance with the program through a free trial operation, it was decided to purchase a system of automated calculation and design of metal and building structures - a complex of the APM StructFEM .

 In 2005, the Institute carried out a number of strength calculations freight car designs. Computational models of cars were created in the environment of the module APM Structure3D of plate and beam elements. As examples given plate-rod design models hopper cars for transporting cement and fertilizer.

The computational model hopper car for mineral fertilizers
The computational model hopper car for cement
equivalent stress distribution map hopper car for mineral fertilizers
Map of distribution of total hopper car for the linear displacement of fertilizers
Equivalent stress distribution map hopper car for cement
Map of the distribution of the total linear displacement hopper car for cement

When negative results of calculation on the wagon structure has been amended, and the calculation is repeated until a positive result. Such approach allows to perform a detailed analysis Strength wagon design and optimize the weighting parameters. 

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