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"Scientific Research Project Design and Technology Institute of the tower crane building" (JSC "NIIBK"), established in 1989, -. One of the few companies in the industry, which has managed to maintain its position in a difficult period of perestroika - and today is one of the head organizations for the design of lifting equipment, in particular, tower cranes in the Russian Federation

Realized BC crane project - 401 P
The crack in the cabin section slanting KBM-401P crane

 At extremely high rates of construction tower cranes required high mobility, capable of in a short time to the conversion from one form into another. To perform these tasks the system of modular valves type KBM-401P has been developed, which today updated with new performances. Implemented modification cranes for loading and unloading.

 In 1995, it begins production of stationary tower crane KB-473 with the upper corner, lifting height of up to 162.4 m and departure hook up to 50 meters.

 In 2001, a team of "NIIBK" created a new type of fixed crane KB-474 for monolithic housing and construction of high-rise buildings with a lifting height of up to 222.4 m and reach up to 55 m hook. Its performance in a mobile and mobile have been created on the base of the crane -pristavnom embodiments.

 Today Rzhevskaya cranes successfully work on construction sites in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and other cities in Russia and abroad: in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and other CIS countries. Tower cranes KB-474 type used in Moscow for the construction of such unique buildings as the "Moscow City", "Edelweiss", "Red Sails" Triumph Palace "," Sparrow Hills "and others.

 Products in the market of tower crane construction, represented a sufficient number of modern cranes. Their range is wide enough. Imported cranes different, usually smaller, compared with the same Russian, material consumption at the same or greater capacity, lifting height, radius of the hook. But it should be noted that the cost of imported cranes are much higher. Naturally, the development of competitive products in a short time requires the use of computer technology and specialized software for strength calculations.

 To do this, we use modern finite element computing systems. In contrast to manual calculation, such systems allow to perform the strength calculation is very complicated hardware, and obtain comprehensive data on the loading of each element.

 Below are examples of solutions to some of our problems. Encountered in the modernization of the MSC crane - 401P.

Estimated crane jib Model 401 KB
The distribution of the equivalent stress of the crane 401 KB
The computational model cabin section KBM-401P crane
Cab model stress map section KBM-401P crane with a hub on the brace
The computational model of the portal
Equivalent stress distribution in a portal

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Distribution of the total linear displacement of the portal