Calculation of structures, machine parts and mechanisms

APM WinMachine

Russian CAE system for automated calculation and design of mechanical equipment and structures in the field of mechanical engineering, developed taking into account the latest advances in computational mathematics, the field of numerical methods and programming, as well as theoretical and experimental engineering solutions.

A distinctive feature of APM WinMachine is the vertically integrated product layout structure, which allows developers to organize seamless connections between calculation modules to solve complex production problems.

The APM WinMachine software product is built according to a modular design, which ensures ease of use for specific industry-specific mechanical engineering tasks.

The product comes in four configurations:

The APM WinMachine product is registered in the Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases .

The computational core of the APM WinMachine product - the APM Structure3D module - has a software certification passport issued by ROSTEKHNADZOR, FBU "STC NRS".

In addition, in addition to the basic capabilities of the product, additional functionality (options) is available :

  • Thermo: calculation of unsteady thermal conductivity;
  • Non-linear: non-linear calculations;
  • Composite : calculation of structures made of composite materials;
  • Fatigue : endurance calculation;
  • Harmonic : harmonic analysis;
  • TopOpt : topology optimization;
  • APM FGA liquid and gas flow APM FGA;
  • APM EMA electromagnetic fields APM EMA