HYDROSYSTEMDiameter- Heat Calculation - Pipeline Systems

HYDROSYSTEM is designed for Thermal and Hydrosystem calculations as well as the choice of pipeline Diameters , Pumping liquid or Gaseous products, as well as Gas-Liquid mixture.

HYDROSYSTE- a program of broad application, which can beused in the design and reconstruction of energy, refining and petrochemical,gas, oil, chemical and other industries, to calculate the technological,pipelines, thermal, gas distribution and other utility networks. The program allows you to calculate overhead, underground and combined pipelinesystems of arbitrary complexity (including the annular portions). Resultsof calculation are helping to choose the right pumps, compressors, control andsafety valves, piping systems to ensure the efficiency and optimize capitalexpenditures. The program has evolved over 30 years, taking into accountoperating experience in dozens of companies in Russia and the CIS.

The program performs three main types of calculation

HYDROSYSTEM calculation of isothermal flow (withou tcalculating the change in temperature of the product)

Design calculations (range of diameters)

Thermo – HYDRO SYSTEM-Calculation with the expectation ofchanging the temperature of the product and the heat loss to the environment

HYDROSYSTEM design calculations and isothermal flow

Depending on user-defined inputs (pressure sources andconsumers, costs and product temperature, composition and thermal properties ofthe pipeline scheme with local resistances) and the selected type of programallows the calculation of various tasks

Sizing of the branches of thepipeline and its isothermal calculation of initial and final pressure and flowthrough the branches  (design calculation)  ;

Capacity of the pipeline(apportionment of branches) in the initial and final pressures;

Span isothermal calculation ofthe pipeline on the specified flow rate and / or pressure nodes;

Various- variants and combinationsof computations. 

Thermo HYDROSYSTEM calculation

Thermal calculation moduleallows you to share with HYDROSYSTEM calculations are carried out thermaldesign of pipelines. This may be defined and considered in the course ofvarying ambient conditions of the pipeline, the wall material, the location (outdoors, indoors, underground, or in a channel in the ground in the tunnel) and thickness of insulation material, the material of the coatinglayer. The program includes a database of thermal insulation materials(identical database program "Isolation") and tools for itsreplenishment and adjustments by the user.

Calculation of the gas-liquid two-phase flow

Two-phase flow calculation module allows the checkingcalculation phase flow, including in conjunction with the thermal calculation and the calculation of mass transfer between phases. Determined bytwo-phase flow regimes, true volumetric gas content, the flow properties ofeach phase. The program will monitor the transition phase flow insingle-phase and vice versa. The user can flexibly manage the programusing different calculation methods for calculating two-phase flow.

The user interface  is simple and intuitive. Graphic window provides a visual display of the pipeline designscheme. The program used an intelligent algorithm that optimizes thearrangement of the individual elements to minimize overlaps and intersections. Thescheme can be presented in 3D, or any projection, for the convenience ofreading and analyzing can also adjust the degree of detail representation ofthe elements. Supported by a special input mode and display design schemewith reference to the background bitmap, for example, to map the settlementplan or plant that is especially convenient for calculations of externalengineering networks. The user can manually move nodes design scheme, andthe program itself determines the length of sections in accordance with thescale of the map. 

The program calculates for each element of the pipelinevelocity of the pumped product, the pressure loss due to friction and localresistance properties of the product, suction and otherparameters. Calculation accuracy is ensured by the automatic recalculationof product properties and flow regimes at each site, as well as detailedcalculations of straight pipes and local resistance, taking into account theflow regime in accordance with the handbook IDELCHIK Family and modernmethods of calculation of multiphase flows. Calculation results can bedisplayed on the design scheme as a color selection, clearly indicatingelements responsible for most HYDROSYSTEM losses. Together with theprogram available: 

Library  STARS  , designed to calculatethe thermal properties of individual substances, petroleum fractions, andmixtures thereof. The database program contains over 1,600substances. STARS allow you to automatically carry out the calculation ofthe phase equilibrium and check the state of aggregation of the product

Module  Water Steam Pro  proximatecalculation of thermo physical properties of water and steam for internationalmethodology IAPWS-IF97, which improves the accuracy of the calculation of waterand steam (UES recommended for use in the energy sector);

Module  "BuildingClimatology"  , which based on data SNIP 23-01-99 to determine theclimatic parameters of the village where the facility is located.

To calculate the thermal properties and phase equilibriumprogram can also use the supplied separately powerful thermodynamiclibrary  SIMULIS Thermodynamics  firm PROSIM  

To print the raw data and the results of calculationprogram in a report generator that allows both output reports directly to printand preview them, and save reports in different format files to be integratedinto other documents. Reports come with standard design ASAP, users cancustomize their format (for example, change the stamp, add company logo) withthe built-in template editing module. To calculate heat networks in theprogram include the ability to automatically build  PiezometricSchedulesin MS Excel on the calculation of. The program can importpiping diagrams of various systems through graphical design file format PCF ,the draft program of  START  , as well as exportpipeline scheme in format DXF. Program has the certificate ofconformity and SP 41-103-2000 STO GAZPROM 2-3.5-051 -2006. Ensurethe efficiency and quality support members. Program works onIntel-compatible PC in the environment Windows XP/Vista/7.