GOLFSTREAM - A system for automated control of discrete custom production

Portfolio Management

  • Accounting for applications for the manufacture of products
  • Preliminary assessment of the production load on the execution of the application
  • Maintaining a portfolio of production orders in relation to contracts
  • Formation and control of the main production program of the enterprise for the planning period
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of a critical resources production program
  • Formation of production specifications for each item of a production order
  • Accounting for completed orders and shipments of products to customers

The system provides the following features of automated information support for management processes:

Resource production needs analysis

  • Assessment of gross and net requirements for materials (basic, auxiliary)
  • Needs assessment of technological equipment
  • Needs assessment for PKI and components manufactured at the warehouse.
  • Assessment of needs for production capacities and personnel

Management of procurement of materials and equipment for production

  • Formation of purchase applications based on the results of needs analysis
  • Formation of applications for the purchase of an item for which the insurance stock in the warehouse is normalized
  • Formation of purchase orders
  • Formation of nomenclature procurement plans
  • Control of procurement plans and budgets for the procurement of materials and equipment for the main production

Operational scheduling of production

  • Calculation of dates of launch and manufacture of DSE batches according to various algorithms, including shift plans for work taking into account the loading of work centers (equipment)
  • Formation of interconnected nomenclature launch / release plans for main production units.
  • Interactive analysis of the planned workload units for work centers.
  • Reporting on the implementation of stock plans.

Accounting / control of work in production units

  • Separation of batches of DSE in production
  • Transfer of production / use of a batch of DSE from one order to another
  • Operational launch of DSE batches to restore production needs due to identified inconsistencies (correctable and incorrigible)
  • Accounting for the manufacture of serialized parts / assemblies and their use in serialized serialized products
  • Operational control of the manufacture of DSE batches and the performance of work in any sections
  • Monitoring the implementation of itemized plans of divisions and plans for the release of finished products
  • Monitoring scarce (overdue) items for picking assembly units

Inventory accounting (MPZ)

  • Formation of receipt and expenditure documents for each warehouse unit of the enterprise
  • Accounting for the availability of items in each warehouse unit of the enterprise according to different accounting methods
  • Accounting for the content of precious metals in the nomenclature of MPZ
  • Address accounting of movement / storage of MPZ nomenclature in each warehouse unit
  • Control of the issuance of materials and equipment for production on the basis of plant and requirements
  • Accounting for finished products in storage
  • Operational control of the turnover and balances of the MPZ nomenclature for each warehouse unit in various sections

Monitoring the execution of production orders

  • Operational control of the readiness of production orders with any detail
  • Presentation of consolidated management information on the status of orders in production in various sections

Accounting for direct costs of production

  • Cost accounting for materials and purchased components
  • Accounting for the costs of work performed in batches of DSE
  • Cost accounting for processing services (cooperation)
  • Order accounting of direct costs in accordance with Federal Law No. 275-FZ

Technical and economic analysis of production

  • Formation of planned cost estimates for each order
  • The formation of the actual cost estimates for the group of direct cost items to assess the average cost of the product in each completed order
  • Plan-factual analysis of costing by cost item

The system implements open source business logic code. It is a platform for the development of automated production management of complex products in enterprises in accordance with their specifics


System requirements:
Windows XP SP3 (Professional Edition), Windows Vista SP2 (Business Edition, Business Edition x64, Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Edition x64), Windows 7 SP1 (Professional Edition, Professional Edition x64, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition x64, Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Edition x64), Windows 8 (Professional Edition, Professional Edition x64, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition x64)
Required Software:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1 or higher) or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP2 or higher) or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1
Integrates with:
Technologist 's Reference, Unit of Measurement Reference , Microsoft Project, LOTSMAN: PLM , Microsoft Office, 1C: Enterprise
ASCON - Integration Solutions
Product Website: