Sports and recreation centers in Moscow

Monitoring of buildings and structures solves a number of problems of reliability, security and minimize the risk of man-made emergencies in the construction and the operating buildings and structures, in particular the complex engineering structures, and is an important and relevant direction in the exercise of construction activity.

To determine the control points placing instrumentation in buildings and structures necessary to carry out a preliminary strength calculation, in order to identify the most loaded zones in elements of designs. Commissioned by the LLC "Diaform" experts Scientific and technical center of the TMA were performed strength calculations for a number of sports and recreational complexes in Moscow.

structural loading

load values ​​were set in accordance with the SP 20.13330.2011 "Loads and effects." Loading of structures is carried out by several types of loads:


1. The own weight of the structure

2. The weight of additional equipment


1. The snow load

2. The payload on the overlap

3. load of spectators in the stands

4. The weight of sports equipment

When all specified in the specifications for individual loads loadings were created their linear combinations, in which each uploading entered with the corresponding coefficient.

To view the results of the calculation for each individual object, click on the corresponding icon.

Educational and Sports Recreation Complex.
Building high school sports department of physical culture and sport "Olympian"
The building is an indoor tennis court
The building of the sports complex with a swimming pool.
The school of higher sports skills in team sports "Izmailovo"
Indoor roller with artificial ice.
The building is a multifunctional sports-oriented complex.
Fitness center with ice rink
The building of the indoor swimming pool
Fitness center
Building specialized youth school of Olympic reserve №71
The building of the palace fight them. Ivan Yarygin