Calculation of electric car. JSC "Demikhovsky Machine Building Plant"

Open Joint Stock Company "Demikhovsky Engineering Plant" - the leading enterprise in Russia in development and production of electric commuter trains, producing over 80% of all electric, made in Russia. And also - the largest plant in Europe for the number of electric cars being built.

The software product APM WinMachine is widely used in our design office, the design elements of car design. This is primarily due to the presence of the module APM Structure3D, which, in the calculation of structures using finite element method allows the use of not only the core but also the plate (shell) elements in the calculation model. With this subroutine we made quite complex and voluminous calculations necessary for the design of rolling stock.

 As an example calculation is given wagon superior electric ED4MK for Moscow railway, which were created in a very short time.

The computational model of the car body ED4M
Distribution of the total linear displacement of the car body ED4M

 In the process of development and work with any software package, and particularly focused on strength calculations, it is very important is a kind of "feedback" to the program developers. And here I want to note that the relationship between us, the users, and the SEC APM is going very well. We are constantly provided with the necessary consulting support. In turn, our rather complex calculation models are a kind of test cases for the new Development Center. Attentive developers to our proposals in the program of a particular change that is convenient for us, calculators practitioners.

Irina Seregina 
Head rolling calculation Bureau

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The natural frequencies of the car body ED4M