The school of higher sports skills in team sports "Izmailovo"

Construction site: Moscow, pos. East Street. West

  The building structure is a set of trusses, which are interconnected via a system runs. Bearing truss is pivotally mounted to the support columns.

Kind of a building on satellite imagery

simulation design

General view of the calculation model of the building
General view of the calculation model of the building (walls are not shown)

The calculation results

According to the calculation of the end of the following results were obtained:

equivalent stress distribution map
equivalent stress distribution map (Enlargement - trusses)
Deformation in the lower belt of the most loaded truss
Maps of distribution of total displacement

Summarizing the results, we can conclude that the design of the building is capable of carrying the load applied to it, corresponding to the construction area, and does not require additional measures to increase the strength characteristics.