Delivers in-depth drawing and diagramming power in an accessible package, simplifying and streamlining what used to be complex processes.

ConceptDraw PRO utilizes sophisticated technologies to save you time, often requiring just a single click. ConceptDraw Solution Park allows you to extend the core functionality of ConceptDraw PRO to meetbusiness-specific needs. INGYRE3 allows you to create project dashboards to track data from your projects. Live objects let you create diagrams and drawings that can reflect current data from external sources. Dynamic presentations allow you to collaborate with team members in a meeting setting and make adjustments to your drawings on the fly. Extensive import and export options make your diagrams remarkably flexible for sharing. No other product offers these powerful features.

ConceptDraw Solution Park

The value of ConceptDraw PRO goes far beyond the core product. With ConceptDraw Solution Park, you can extend the functionality of ConceptDraw PRO with business-specific solutions — for everything from business strategy and project management, to education and human resources. Solution Park offers additional tools, templates, object libraries, live object collections, sample documents, training materials, and much more. For example, project managers can find additional project dashboards for driving and managing their projects.

Integration Technologies

ConceptDraw PRO incorporates several integration technologies to streamline workflow and increase productivity. These technologies allow you to utilize external data for up to the minute status reports, create dashboards that show project status, and create presentations with your data that can fit many situations and audiences.

Live Objects

This technology provides you with tools to create objects that automatically change their visual appearance or provide computed results. Any live object’s appearance can be changed manually or in response to external data. Objects can be customized or programmed using simple formulas, or using sophisticatedthird-party programming. ConceptDraw Solution Park contains many additional solutions that utilize the live object technology in ConceptDraw PRO.


This integration technology allows your data to flow freely between all ConceptDraw Office 3 applications. By integrating your data with ConceptDraw PRO, you can automatically create project management diagrams and reports, along with project dashboards that give you up-to-date status reports. You can also use ConceptDraw PRO as a presentation engine for your project or mind map data.

ConceptDraw PRO Basic

This integration scripting language is for collecting and exchanging data with internal and external applications. ConceptDraw PRO Basic is a great tool for creating sophisticated object libraries with user-defined behavior and a professional visual appearance.

The scripting technology can be used by company or third-party developers for customizing data integration solutions that use ConceptDraw PRO for Microsoft Windows and Apple computers eliminating integration barriers that can exist in mixed computing environments.

Exporting ConceptDraw PRO Presentations

In addition to ConceptDraw PRO’s internal presentation engine, you can export ConceptDraw PRO presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash, giving you presentation options to suit a variety of different situations and audiences.

Importing and Exporting

ConceptDraw PRO supports the import and export of many file formats, allowing you to integrate with numerous data sources.