Calculation tracklayer. JSC "Kalugaputmash"

JSC "Kalugaputmash" - one of the oldest and leading engineering companies track Russia. For more than 130 - year history of the plant made the most diverse equipment for railways: on divided highways to track machines of heavy type. 

 The company specializes in the production:

  • track machines used in construction, maintenance and operation of railways; Industrial locomotive capacity of 202 kW (275 hp);
  • hydraulic transmission for railcars, industrial and power shunting locomotives 202-883 kw (275-1200 hp), for diesel power trains 552-736 kw (750-1000 hp) for trucks and motor graders power 56- 133 kw (75-180 hp);
  • torque converters for powertrains rig capacity 295-883 kW (400-1200 hp);
  • hydraulic couplings and drive capacity 37-515 kW technological equipment (50-700 hp).  

The completed project propelled stacker crane UK-25SP
Estimated model camohodnogo boom stacker crane UK-25SP
equivalent stress distribution map camohodnogo boom stacker crane UK-25SP
Map of distribution of the total linear displacement camohodnogo boom stacker crane UK-25SP

The design department of the enterprise is equipped with modern computers and software in the field of CAD. Using APM WinMachine system has significantly reduced the time required designers to design and calculation of complex objects. As an example of operation is presented to evaluate the stress-strain state of the stacker crane boom camohodnogo CC-25SP.

JSC "Kalugaputmash" 
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