Calculation of the strength and stability of a wooden house frame

Company "Framework Story" since 2000 engaged in the production and construction of half-timbered houses, hotels, restaurants and facilities on the landing stage for the modern European technology.

In June 2008, the employees of our company for «Framework Story" was calculated strength and stability analysis of wooden frame houses on the main load combination.

Since the customer was very critical timing of our work, it was decided to use the possibility of structural analysis module APM Structure3D on imports of core structures using DXF format. Three-dimensional editor of the party was moved rod (beam) frame.

General view of the calculation model
Beam frame house

The APM Structure3D module pivotal elements necessary cross-sections and material parameters have been set. Further, in the calculation model have been identified in terms of supporting the necessary and complex set of loads: dead weight, standard load, snow and wind effects. Entering the design loads takes place in accordance with the regulations (SNIP).

The distribution of stresses and displacements in the carcass structure elements

As a result, the calculations have shown that the power frame home can carry the load applied to it - the maximum stresses and movement do not exceed permissible limits.