Metalwork ferris wheel

The specialists of the company STC APM executed strength calculation of steel ferris wheel "Romance-27" using complex APM Structure3D, which is part of APM WinMachine system, version 10.0. In accordance with the wishes of the customer analyzed tensely deformed state the attraction and cab suspension system axis. The initial data were transferred to the customer assembly drawings of products for building computational models of the bridge.

In the process of creating the model the following normative documents were used:

1. SNIP 2.01.07-85 *: Loads and effects.

2. SNIP II-23-81 *: Steel structures.

3.GOST R 52170-2003 "Safety mechanized rides. The main provisions for the design of steel structures. "

A general view of the attraction
Accomplished project

Strength calculation of attraction metal  

The models of the individual parts of the attraction, which is then collected into a single model. As a finite element model to create as separate parts and the entire pattern as a whole, used core and the plate (the shell) finite elements. Final calculation model design of the attraction, its fragments showing the internal structure shown in the image below.

Model Ferris wheel "Romance-27" in the APM Structure3D (random type)
A fragment of the rack in the APM Structure3D
A fragment of the rack in the APM Structure3D
Finite element model of the drum in the APM Structure3D
Finite element model of wheel APM Structure3D
Scheme Payload (passenger weight)

Application of loads carried out in phases, by establishing loadings, each responsible for a particular power factor.

The calculation was made taking into account the dead weight, payload, wind and snow loads. To calculate all possible variants the effect of external factors on the structure 10 created by a combination of loading.

In calculating the identified maximum equivalent strain and corresponding displacement for load combinations; calculation results are shown below.

Map of distribution of total displacement attaktsiona metal; UZ, mm
equivalent stress distribution map of the attraction in the rack; SVM, MPa
Also, when calculating the defined safety factors and the total resistance for the respective load combinations. The second form of the natural oscillations of the model (1.2 Hz)
Estimated cab model APM Structure3D

Strength calculation cab ride


The next step in the implementation of the contract was the calculation and analysis of the stress-strain state of the cab ride. Estimated cab model maps the calculation results with the stress and displacement maps are shown in the image below.

Calculation model with all the applied loads
Map equivalent stress, SVM, MPa
Map of the total linear displacement, Usum, mm.
Map equivalent stress sectional MPa.

the following conclusions were drawn from the results of the calculations:


1. Analysis of the results of static analysis shows that for given loads calculated equivalent stresses arising in the attraction structure elements do not exceed the yield strength of the materials used, i.e. necessary strength is provided.

2. The maximum deflection of the construction of the attraction arising from external loads do not exceed the allowable limit. That is a necessary rigidity is provided by the supporting frame.

3. The level of stresses in a large part of the attraction structure is very low. This means that there is considerable scope for improving the design and the reduction of its metal content.


Summarizing the results, we can conclude that the structure can bear the attraction exerted on it loads the relevant technical requirements, and does not require additional measures to increase the strength characteristics.

This work has shown the applicability of structural analysis module APM Structure3D to solve complex problems of structural analysis amusement.