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Specialists of the company STC TMA was performed checking calculation of air cooling apparatus of "Borkhimmash".

   Place the installation air cooler: Russia, Anapa (gas pipeline "South Stream", KS "Russian").

     air cooling apparatus - heat exchanger of modular type, intended for condensation of liquids, gases and vapors, as well as for cooling. Cooled technological product moves inside the bimetallic ribbed tubes passing heat through their walls a cooling agent. The atmospheric air is used as cooling agent.

     The design of the air cooling apparatus consists of a metal module that is installed with the fan motor 3, for supplying coolant to the heat exchange section (module). In section 267, there are pipes in which the process moves product.

Fig. 1 Front View
Fig. 2 Side view
Fig. 3 Top view
Fig. 4 arbitrary form
Fig. Module 5 metal
Fig. Module Section 6
Fig. Scheme 7 the design loads
Fig. 8 Loadings
Fig. 9 map equivalent stress distribution in the structure
Fig. 9 map equivalent stress distribution in the structure
The frequency of 4.355 Hz. The third form
Equivalent stress distribution map design
Map of the distribution of the total design displacement

Fig. 11 The results of the calculation air cooler on the seismic effects