Paviath Integrated Solution Paviath

Computer-aided analysis of the mechanics of fluids (APM FGA)


The product allows for finite element analysis of flows of liquids and gases to produce spatial kinematic, dynamic and energy characteristics, comprehensively describing their behavior with different boundary conditions and physical properties.

Key features:

  • Statics and dynamics of flows with the definition of the fields of kinematic, dynamic, thermal and strength properties;
  • Related tasks of heat and mass transfer in view of the turbulence flows;
  • The calculation of pipeline systems, hydraulic and pneumatic, hydraulic and pneumatic drives for various purposes, automatic control systems;
  • The solution of filtration flows in orthotropic porous media and soils in the stationary and non-stationary productions;
  • Conclusion Analysis of the results in the form of contour and vector static maps, animations, scalar and vector fields in the calculation of non-stationary transient.