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APM Mechanic

Calculation and design of machine parts and mechanisms (APM Mechanic)

The APM Mechanic will allows calculations based on the analytical relationships without the use of an approximate numerical analysis procedures. Since the procedure of calculation and design operate a large number of standard options, when creating complex software engineering analysis of the company SEC "APM" used data from national standards.

In a single environment CAE-analysis of the execution of calculations of mechanical transmission, machine parts and devices meets a set of programs called
the APM Mechanic willThe complex consists of a number of specialized programs.

With the APM Mechanic will, you can:

►Proektirovochny calculation and verification of the compounds (module the APM the Joint ):

  • welded type;
  • group of threaded connections for all possible types of load;
  • rivet;
  • connections with a tightness of parts rotation, splined, keyways, etc.

►Proektirovochny and checking calculation of mechanical transmission of rotation to give the full geometry of the transfer, the definition of tolerances and control parameters, and automatic generation of drawings transmission parts (module the APM of Trans ) . The calculation is performed for the transmission of rotation of the following types:

  • spur internal and external links;
  • bevel gear with straight and circular tooth;
  • various modifications of the worm;
  • belt type;
  • chain.

►Proverochny calculation of shafts and axles (static and fatigue calculations, calculation of dynamic characteristics of the shaft), followed by visualization of the results in graphs and tables and automatic generation of drawing designed shaft ( the APM Shaft A ).

►Proektirovanie roller bearing units (module the APM of Bear ) and sliding (module the APM the Plain ) with the definition of the main operating parameters. The rigidity of the bearings and their components is calculated from the production of the bearing elements of the errors on the techniques developed by experts SEC "APM" and having no analogues in the world. Also the contact strength and rigidity during calculation and other parameters are defined by the bearing associated with its state of deformation.

►Proektirovanie drive rotational movement of any structure, including a transmission with fixed axles (cylindrical, conical, worm, belt and chain) and a planetary gear type (module the APM Drive ). Design completes the generation of drawings of individual parts and components and the creation of an assembly drawing.

Proektirovochny and checking calculation of the elastic elements of cars with subsequent automatic generation of elastic members DRAWINGS (module the APM Spring's ).

►Proverochny calculation of transmission of forward motion (sliding screw transmission, ball screws and planetary screw (roller screw) transmission). Calculation of ball screws and planetary-helical gears are performed according to the procedures developed in the company's SEC "APM" and having no analogues in the world (module the APM Screw ).

►Proektirovochny calculation and design of cam mechanisms with progressive rocker or pushers when an arbitrary law of motion changes, speed and acceleration of the pusher, with automatic generation of drawings of the cam profile (module the APM Cam ).

The composition of APM Mechanic:

APM Graph - a flat parametric drawing and graphics editor with a tool for calculating dimensional chains
APM Joint - module for calculating and designing connections of machine elements
APM Trans is a module for calculating and designing mechanical rotation transmissions
APM Shaft - module for calculating and designing shafts and axes
APM Bear is a module for calculating and designing rolling bearing units, taking into account their accuracy class
APM Drive - automated design module for rotary motion of
arbitrary structure
APM Spring - module for calculating and designing elastic elements of machines
APM Cam - module for calculating and designing cam mechanisms
APM Plain - module for calculating and designing sliding bearings
APM Screw - the module for calculating non-ideal helical gears (slip, ball and planetary-screw)
APM Dynamics - module for kinematic analysis of linkage mechanisms
APM Base - module for creating and editing databases
APM Mechanical Data - database of graphic information of standard parts and assemblies, reference data on engineering
APM Material Data - material parameters database