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Modelling of physical processes, strength calculation and design of structures, machine parts and mechanisms (APM Multiphysics)


The process of designing new structures are closely related to the simulation of a number of physical processes , such as heat transfer, electromagnetic interaction, the flow of liquid and gas, etc. It is very important conduct multifizicheskih calculations, which combine the analysis of the physical phenomena and the mechanical strength of structures.

Calculations of temperature fields are held for stationary and non-stationary modes of heat transfer and heat transfer. At the same time all the necessary initial and boundary conditions, point or three-dimensional heat sources can be set, heat flow, convection and radiation.

With the help of the proposed software company can simulate the electrical and communications equipment , and perform various kinds of analysis of electromagnetic field characteristics . Calculations are performed for the steady and unsteady regimes. The main types of calculations are: electrostatic, the calculation of the field of direct currents, magnetostatic, transient electromagnetic and high-frequency modal analysis.

If necessary, possible simulation of electrical circuits of arbitrary topology. This is available static and harmonic analysis and transient analysis. Calculations are performed for the stationary, steady-state harmonic and transient regimes.

Analysis of liquid and gas flow provides a spatial kinematic, dynamic and energy characteristics of streams with different boundary conditions and physical properties.

APM Structure3D - the module for calculating the stress-strain state, stability, own and forced oscillations of parts and structures by the finite element method
APM Graph - a flat parametric drawing and graphics editor with a tool for calculating dimensional chains
APM Studio - pre- and postprocessor for creating models for strength (finite element analysis) with the ability to import STEP files
APM Joint - module for calculating and designing connections of machine elements
APM Trans is a module for calculating and designing mechanical rotation transmissions
APM Shaft - module for calculating and designing shafts and axes
APM Bear is a module for calculating and designing rolling bearing units, taking into account their accuracy class
APM Drive - automated design module for rotary motion of
arbitrary structure
APM Spring - module for calculating and designing elastic elements of machines
APM Cam - module for calculating and designing cam mechanisms
APM Plain - module for calculating and designing sliding bearings
APM Screw - the module for calculating non-ideal helical gears (slip, ball and planetary-screw)
APM Dynamics - module for kinematic analysis of linkage mechanisms
APM Base - module for creating and editing databases
APM FGA - module for automated analysis of fluid and gas mechanics
APM EMA - module for calculating electromagnetic fields
APM ECA - module for calculating electrical circuits
APM Section Data - database of parametric sections
APM Mechanical Data - database of graphic information of standard parts and assemblies, reference data on engineering
APM Material Data - material parameters database
Batch Structure3D - APM Structure3D Batch Engine

Composition of APM Multiphysics