The use of STC "APM" products will allow to solve a significant number of issues in many industries. Below is a list of the main settlement tasks.

Topological optimization of structures
Allows you to synthesize the optimal design of the product with given parameters and operating conditions, as well as the imposed restrictions

Analysis of the stress-strain state and stability of structures. 
Conduct a static calculation, calculation of stability for arbitrary complexity of structures

Fracture mechanics. Crack resistance of structures
Analysis of the appearance and development of cracks in a structural model

Strength analysis of structures made of composite materials.
Creation and calculation of layered composites and structures made of them.

Fatigue analysis of structures
Determination of fatigue strength safety factors and the number of loading cycles to failure of the structure

Strength analysis of pipeline systems
Modeling and calculation of pipelines using specialized PIPE finite elements

Accounting for flow around a structure when calculating the strength
Carrying out the calculation of FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction) is relevant for pliable structures, which are significantly influenced by a changing external environment, such as the flow of liquid or gas

Calculation of natural frequencies and forced vibrations of structures . It will allow you to identify your own (resonant) frequencies, as well as analyze the behavior of the structure under external influences of variables in time

Nonlinear analysis
Calculation of structures with regard to geometric, physical, general nonlinearity, as well as the calculation of contact interaction

Dynamic analysis of lever mechanisms
Simulation and calculation of spatial lever mechanisms with the ability to display kinematic and dynamic characteristics

Thermal conductivity. Evaluation of thermal strength of structures
Simulation of stationary and non-stationary thermal effects on structures with an assessment of the stress-strain state

Evaluation of seismic stability of structures.
Possibility of setting an external seismic impact on the structure in accordance with SP 14.13330.2014

Design and calculations of machine parts
(mechanical gears, shafts, bearings, springs, cams, screw gears)

Design and calculations of connections
(bolted, welded, riveted, etc.)

Analysis of electromagnetic fields
Modeling electrical equipment and performing various types of calculations to determine the characteristics of the electromagnetic field

Calculations of electrical circuits
Simulation and calculation of electrical circuits of arbitrary topology

Calculation of the flow of liquids and gases
Analysis of the flow of liquids and gases in order to obtain spatial kinematic, dynamic and energy characteristics

Construction calculations
Automated design and calculation of civil and industrial construction objects