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The calculation of mini - bikes. Vyatskiye Polyany Machine Building Plant JSC "The Hammer"

 "Vyatskiye Polyansky Engineering Plant JSC" Hammer "is known all over the country the release of products such as scooter« Vyatka "and" Electron "(60s, 70s of the last century), as well as the release of sidecar to the motorcycle" IZH " . Therefore, continuing the manufacturing tradition of motor-means, the plant started manufacturing and production minimotorollera skuternogo type "Swift" and minibike motorcycle type engine with a volume of 50 cm 3

The completed project minibike
The computational model minibike frame

 From the outset, it was clear that fast and at a high level to solve the whole set of complex structural engineering problems motorcycles only by using modern computer technology. Having by this time qualified professionals with extensive experience in the design manual, we are seriously thinking on the appropriateness of the use of modern software products. They needed us mainly in order to make a qualitative leap in the design of new facilities.

 After much doubt and analysis software products available on the Russian market, we acquired ARM WinMachine system. Selection of a few years ago was limited to several CAE - systems engineering analysis of foreign manufacturers, is quite difficult to use and is very expensive. The only domestic product was WinMachine AWS system, which we have acquired, learning about its potential. Honestly admit that the important factors that influenced our choice were the cost of the software, which was much lower than the price of Western producers, as well as Russian-language interface and the availability of all documentation in Russian. We bribed and that at any time a developer can help and advice, and training, and setting the set of solutions to customer requirements.

 Then we still have doubts about the usefulness and timeliness of the purchase, but time has shown that we made the right choice.

 Our factory makes extensive use of the entire range of ARM WinMachine programs, but most often we use the module APM Structure3D , with which we have a clear and reliable picture of the distribution of stresses and strains in each element of the metal structures. "

Equivalent stress distribution along the frame minibike
Distribution of the total linear displacement of the frame minibike

Aleksandr Penkin, Ch. stankostroya designer and motorcycles 
Vladimir Plotnikov, head of the motor vehicles bureau 
Evgeniy Solovev, Design Engineer

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