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ASCON is the largest Russian developer of engineering software and an integrator in the field of automation of design and production activities. It is one of the top 100 largest IT companies in Russia. The products of ASCON embody the achievements of the national mathematical school, 25 years of CAD experience and a deep expertise in the design and management of engineering data in construction and engineering. Renga Software uses the experience accumulated by ASCON when developing and promoting its products.


"1C" company specializes in the development and distribution of computer programs for automation of management and accounting at enterprises of various industries. "1C" works with users through an extensive partner network: more than 10,000 permanent partners in 25 countries, including more than 6700 firms-1C: Franchisees. For the construction industry the most popular are the IT solutions "1C: ERP Management of the construction organization 2" and "1C: Estimates". Renga integrates with these products, which allows the information model projected in the system to be applied throughout the life cycle of the construction