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Renga Structure


Designing Buildings and Facilities System  


Structurally Designing Buildings and Facilities


Designing in 3D


Work efficiently in either 3D space or 2D layouts


Reinforcing Concrete


Reinforcing Concrete Structures Automatically


Adding Extra Reinforcement around Openings


Smart tool for automatically reinforcing wall openings


Placing Single-Rod Reinforcements


Conveniently add single pieces of rebar for details and at joints


Working with Rolled Steel


Add steel sections as needed, without depending on unavailable databases


Tagging Parts


Assign tags to all structure elements in the 3D model


Communicating with Analysis Software


Transfer 3D model data for analysis in other software


Arranging Drawings


Fully functional 2D editor for issuing drawings


Designing Together in Groups


A unified platform for designers, engineers, and architects


Exchanging Data


Design data imported and exported into multiple formats


Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Accessing data for other stages of the building lifecycle