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UM MagLev

Simulation of MagLev Dynamics

Program package Universal Mechanism includes a specialized module UM MagLev for analysis of 3D dynamics of magnetic levitation vehicles. The module includes additional tools integrated into the program kernel.


UM MagLev contains the following main components: 

tools for generation and visualization of guideway structure (bridge) geometry;
tools for generation of guideway roughness (irregularities);

mathematical models of levitation and guidance magnets:

  • spring/damper;
  • single pole magnet:

  • external EMS and EDS models with Matlab/Simulink and built-in tools such as UM Control / Block Editor.
  • flexible or rigid guideway;
  • set of typical dynamic experiments.

EMS and EDS models

UM MagLev allows the user to solve the following problems:

linear analysis;
linear vibration response;

  • eigenvalue and eigenvector problem;
  • сhoice of levitation and guidance control parameters and analysis of stability;
  • сomputation of root loci;
  • nonlinear simulation analysis

  • estimation of vibrations due to track roughness;
  • estimation of vehicle dynamic performances on curving;
  • parametric optimization of vehicle elements according to various criteria