Paviath Integrated Solution





KOMPAS-3D is a powerful and versatile three-dimensional design system that has become the standard for thousands of enterprises due to its ease of development and the wide possibilities of solid-state, surface and direct modeling.

The key feature of the product is to provide an end-to-end design process from the implementation of ideas in 3D to the preparation of a complete set of documentation. KOMPAS-3D is based on its own mathematical core and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists. The product contains tools for the collective design of products and building design objects of any degree of complexity and allows you to prepare a full-fledged electronic model of the product, building and structure.

For embedding into heterogeneous (multiCAD) environments, KOMPAS-3D supports import and export of STEP, IGES, ASIC, STL, DXF, DWG, PARASOLID and other file formats.

In addition to 3D-design tools, KOMPAS-3D also includes KOMPAS-Graph - the best automated system for the development and preparation of design and project documentation, focused on full support for ESKD, SPDS or enterprise-specific standards.

KOMPAS-3D includes:

  • tools for teamwork, including on projects containing several tens of thousands of unique components and standard products;
  • developed functionality of three-dimensional solid-state, surface and direct modeling;
  • tools for working with executions and configurations (including mirror ones) of parts and assembly units;
  • tools for modeling parts from sheet material with the subsequent automatic receipt of a development drawing;
  • special features that facilitate the construction of foundry molds: foundry slopes, connector lines, cavities in the shape of the part (including with the task of shrinkage);
  • tools for creating custom libraries of standard elements;
  • the possibility of obtaining technical documentation in accordance with GOST, ISO, DIN or enterprise standards: drawings, simple and group specifications, reports, diagrams, tables, text documents;
  • means for transferring data to various CAD / CAM / CAE systems;
  • the ability to quickly move from design to manufacturing parts using CAM systems and CNC machines;
  • the ability to set dimensions, designations and technical requirements in three-dimensional models (support for GOST 2.052-2006 standard “ESKD. Electronic product model”).

The basic functionality of the product is easily expanded due to various applications complementing the KOMPAS-3D functionality with effective tools for solving applied engineering problems. For example, applications for the design of pipelines, metal structures, various machine parts allow most of the actions to be performed automatically, reducing the total project development time by several times

KOMPAS-3D allows you to:

  • provide teamwork on the project;
  • avoid fundamental errors at the earliest stages of design;
  • visualize the future product and check its collection;
  • get an object model and evaluate possible conflicts at the design stage;
  • to make the necessary calculations and design optimization without expensive field tests;
  • change and modify the project as soon as possible;
  • in conjunction with CAM-systems to significantly reduce the time of preparation of the product for production;
  • quickly prepare documentation for the product, object;
  • Using 3D models, prepare spectacular marketing materials.

The modern convenient and intuitive interface, a powerful help system and the built-in interactive training manual "ABC COMPAS" help users to master the work in the system in the shortest possible time and without extra effort.