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Universal Mechanism
Universal Mechanism consists of the core - (UM Base) - and a number of additional modules, that widen functionality of the core.

Program package "Universal Mechanism" is a basic product of the Laboratory. It is a specialized CAE application that is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems such as transport machines, road vehicles, railway vehicles, space structures, robots and manipulator, defense systems. "Universal Mechanism" supposes that its user has basic knowledge in fields of theoretical mechanics, machine and mechanism theory and mathematical modeling. Normally it is used by research engineers within research departments and offices.


Universal Mechanism: Mathematical Core as a COM-server
Parameterization of UM models allows to transfer to the model of mechanical system control actions such as, for example, the position of steering, brake or accelerator pedals from both hardware and software sources. In addition for visualizing the current state of the object mathematical core of the UM allows you to determine the position and orientation of each body at the every step of the simulation.

The mathematical core of UM (UM Math Core) is the Universal Mechanism software in the COM-server shell. The mathematical core of the UM is designed for use in external software products as a solver for the mechanical model of the object, in other words as a dynamical engine. Mentioned above external software are mainly different kinds of simulators based on physical models. In particular, using mathematical kernel of the UM, the simulator for training operators of mobile robots (RobSim) and the simulator of a train driver are developed. Developed COM-server allows you to load the UM-models and run simulation of its dynamics. Highly efficient numerical methods that are implemented in UM allow you to calculate complex mechanical systems in real time, which is an essential requirement for real-time simulators

Universal Mechanism Lite

Light version of base module of Universal Mechanism, which is oriented to wide range of users. Functionality of UM Lite is limited by the (UM Base) and is not widen with the help of additional modules. UM Lite has the following main differences from full version: considerable restrictions on force element types, disabled programming in UM environment, simplified program interface. Read more...

Applications for CAD programs are developed on the basis of UM Lite, in particular the dynamic library for KOMPAS-3D. Since the program significantly simplified it does not need from the user any special knowledge and operates with well-known for any design engineer terms and ideas.


Universal Mechanism Express for KOMPAS-3D

Universal Mechanism Express is a library for KOMPAS-3D and is based on Universal Mechanism Lite functinality. Universal Mechanism Express occupies a special place in the software product line of the laboratory. On the one hand, the concept of the program is the reflection of general principles laid in UM. On the other hand, functional capabilities of the dynamic library are restricted considering the specific character of this software. First of all, it is concerned the set of force elements and programming in the program environment. The library is intended for using by design engineers for express analysis of designed mechanisms in their everyday work. It does not need from the user any special knowledge and operates with well-known for any design engineer terms and ideas.


Simulator of Mobile Robots RobSim

The program package RobSim is a computer simulator used for training operators of mobile robotic systems of emergency vehicles and technical units of the state corporation "Rosatom". The program package includes several pre-made scenes and robots, but user can develop their own models of scenes and robots. RobSim runs on Microsoft operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7 and distributed as an installation package.